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  1. Fogle

    2006 GMC CCSB Z71 Sierra Build

    Been a while since I did a build thread. Sold my F-150 the other day and bought the truck I was trying to buy before I got the F-150 Some of you may remember this truck. It is Brians old truck. 06 Sierra CCSB Z71. Pictures from before I got it. Super dirty. This one you can see...
  2. Fogle

    Canon 55-250 lense

    Canon 55-250 lense brand new in box. Never opened. $200 Located in Waycross GA
  3. Fogle

    Fogle's 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe Build

    Picked this up not too long ago and figured I'd do a build thread on it as I change things on it. Other plans that are not shown Paint to match top pad New lower valance and spoiler dyed black New head, parking, fog lights Possibly lower another inch When I picked it up Picked up...
  4. Fogle

    For Sale: HydroFoamer Foam Gun

    HydroFoamer foam gun. Works like new. In good shape cosmetically. $40 shipped OBO Located in Waycross, GA - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - Sold
  5. Fogle

    Fogle's 1999 Z71 Build

    Picked this truck up a couple weeks ago and decided to do some work to it. 1999 Z71 extended cab short bed 5.3 3.73 How I picked it up First things I done where tint, remove steps, leveled, and change out the wheels Took off the toolbox yesterday and added a full console...
  6. Fogle

    Wanted: Double Din

    Looking for a double din. Prefer pionner but will entertain all quality receivers PM will be fastest
  7. Fogle

    For Sale: Eotech 556

    Thinking of selling this thing and switching to a different optic. Like new Eotech model 556. I have the original box and everything to go with it. Located in Waycross, GA $575 OBO Shipped. Link to specs Product: 556 | L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapons Systems
  8. Fogle

    Fogle's 2001 ECSB Z71 Build Thread

    Trade for this 2001 ECSB Z71 not too long ago and plan on keeping it for a little bit so I figured I'd make a build thread. This is how I picked it up. 6" RCX with steel 16" wheels and 285's Got rid of the steel wheels in favor of some 17" stocks with 305 terra grapplers and cleaned the...
  9. Fogle

    For Sale: Blackberry Playbook

    32 GB Blackberry playbook. Like new. Comes with all cables and box. $120 Georgia
  10. Fogle

    For Sale: Samsung Galaxy S4

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocked and clear Has 32GB SD card in it. Have an otterbox and a mophie juice box that comes with it. Great condition. Can text pictures of anything. Georgia $350
  11. Fogle

    For Sale: GM square emblems

    Found these cleaning today. Excellent shape. Need to have double sided tape reapplied. $15 shipped
  12. Fogle

    For Sale: Comp Valve Locks

    Found these when I was cleaning earlier. In Georgia Comp valve locks part no 623-16 Brand new in the package. $30 shipped.
  13. Fogle

    For Sale: Costa Del Mar sunglasses

    I hardly wear these things so might as well sell them. Style is Wingman Frame is Palladium Lense are 580G Silver Mirror Retail is $279 Glasses are perfect. Will come with original box and case. Asking $225 shipped OBO
  14. Fogle

    For Sale: 1986 GMC Sierra

    Just throwing this up here. Don't have to sell but kinda want to get another z71 1986 GMC Sierra 4wd Odo shows 86,800 miles As far as I know all original drivetrain Interior as been redone Body in good shape. Has been repainted before. Im sure it was a long time ago as it's single stage...
  15. Fogle

    For Sale: Ipad 64GB wifi only

    Ipad 4th generation with Retina display. 64GB. Has red smart case. Now updated to ios7 Will come with original box and charger. WiFi only No trades In Waycross, GA $600 OBO
  16. Fogle

    For Sale: Porter Cable 7424xp/ Adam's Polishes

    Like the title says. Getting rid of some detailing stuff I don't use and theres no use in it just sitting around. Porter Cable 7424xp. Good shape. Has original box. Adam's Polishes polishes shown in picture. Swirl & Haze - 1 almost full bottle/ 1 about 20% Fine Machine - 1 about 80%/ 1...
  17. Fogle

    For Sale: 2" Spacers.....DJM rear sway bar

    Waycross, GA (4) 2" 6 lug spacers. I do not have the lug nuts that they use. $100 OBO DJM Rear sway bar. Come off a NNBS. Don't know what it would take to fit NBS. $225
  18. Fogle

    For Sale: 20x10 Novakanes - 33" Mud Grapplers

    This is more of a feeler than anything. If I don't get a good amount out of them then I'll keep them. I don't have to sell. Less than 500 miles on setup Road force balanced Spline lug nuts 20x10 -19 6x5.5 Death Metal Novakanes 33x12.50 Mud Grapplers Will not ship. $2800 obo
  19. Fogle

    Wanted: Front bumper brackets

    Looking for stock front bumper brackets that fit 05 Silverado Factory numbers are 15059655 15059654 This is what they look like Taking my body lift...
  20. Fogle

    Fogle's 05 CCSB Z71 build

    Bought this truck a while back but never made a thread on it but since it's about to change drastically I figured I'd make one to show progress. Truck 05 Silverado CCSB Z71 4.11 5.3 Bought the truck like this Truck had a bad lifter when I bought it so I started work Blue Springs...