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  1. Hunter.

    The Rag

    :wave: Been a while since I've posted Sold this Drove this for a while Bought this 2007.5+ NNBS ccsb lt z71 4x4 5.3/4l60e/4.10s/5" rcx/22x9 tbss replicas/285/55/22 trail grapplers first wax future plans: cleared headlights bigger block in black leather 4-8 cyl delete...
  2. Hunter.

    17" 6 spoke OEM Sierra wheels and 285/70/17 Mickey Thompson ATZ

    Like new 285/70/17 Mickey Thompson ATZ on 17" 2010 Sierra wheels, tires look like new. I have both bowtie center caps and GMC center caps. LOCAL SALE ONLY. $1150, location: Wilmington, NC. wheels $425 tires $750
  3. Hunter.

    4l60E Transmission Temperture?

    What does your 4l60e's transmission temperature usually run at?
  4. Hunter.

    Truck is Getting Horrible MPG

    2004 5.3 Z71 is getting horrible MPG, no SES light, new acdelco plugs like 150 miles ago, 40 psi on stock size tires, I'm getting 10 city, 13 hwy, hand calculated driving with 2k shifts. Truck had a bullydog on it before I believe, could it be set on a 93 or 89 octane tune or something? Cats...
  5. Hunter.

    Power fold mirrors won't powerfold?

    When I hold down the mirror button with the selector switch in the middle, neither of my mirrors fold in, the button glows orange though. Any ideas?
  6. Hunter.

    Hard water on le toolbox.

    Waxed a truck toolbox today and the hardwater stains are still there. How can I make them go away?
  7. Hunter.

    Victory Red Revival

    We'll this f g t emerged after I got out of school for the summer. 2004 Silverado Z71 mod list: LT trim Awesome hole in driver seat Frame covered in mud everywhere 3 Sick steel wheels and one aftermarket 15" steel wheel Tinted 3rd brake light that's melted Random audio wiring and hover radio...
  8. Hunter.

    Stripping dash paint

    I've pressure washed most of the paint off my dash but around the outer edges I'm having a hard time removing it. Are there any chemicals that can eat it off or make it easier to remove?
  9. Hunter.

    Outside temperture sensor location?

    Anyone know where the two temperature sensors belong on a 2004 Silverado? Truck was wrecked and they're just dangling :think:.
  10. Hunter.

    Best way to remove molding residue?

    Took one of the moldings off and a ton of double sided tape and junk remains, what's the best to get it off? It has got to go it's going to get painted soon :eek:.
  11. Hunter.

    Do they make bowtie caps for these wheels?

    The NNBS Sierra 17", 6 spoke wheels: Do they make bowtie caps for them? I have seen bowtie caps for 18"+ wheels but not for 17" wheels. I saw where some dude on some other forum had some but he didn't say where he got them from.
  12. Hunter.

    Anyone ever gotten a leather seat repaired?

    I have a power leather seat that has a massive hole in it, do y'all think it would be cheaper to buy a replacement bottom ($195) or see if a local place can fix it? I can supply another seat for the material, would that cut down on the cost? Only downside to buying a new bottom is that I have...
  13. Hunter.

    Typical voltage for a 2011 CCSB Z71 4x4 LT?

    Driving my Grandpa's 2011 I noticed the voltage gauge stays low like 10-11 low. Truck has like 5k miles on it, drove it up to 80 mph for ~5 hours combined and voltage stayed the same. Truck starts back up fine if you cut it off, is it normal for the voltage to be that low on the NNBS trucks...
  14. Hunter.

    Stuffed Truck Thread

    I'll start- Let's also try and get some specs posted up along with your pics: Lift: Tire Size: Cutting Yes/No: Wheel Size & Backspace:
  15. Hunter.


    Well numerous GMFS peeps told me to join up over here. So here I am. :wave: