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  1. RTM355

    I need a test subject.

    the only reason I said what I said is because of smith,Did not know he was your room mate just thought he knew you.
  2. RTM355

    I need a test subject.

    They must not trust his handwork... I would do it since I have no need for my tail gate in the winter but just don't know .
  3. RTM355

    Pre-Winter Garage Clean out

    What kinda reels ate those and what are the rods?
  4. RTM355

    Removal of Window Rain Spots *Cheap and Easy*

    I know it smells like crap but I have always used white vinegar to get spots of Windows
  5. RTM355

    Adam's 2012 Winter Photo Contest: ENTER TO WIN A $150 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!

    Yea we might get like 4 inches and that in late January or early February. That's a big might
  6. RTM355

    More Shiny!

    I swear I've seen this some where else,but none the less it looks great man
  7. RTM355

    what else should i do?

    ^ true.
  8. RTM355

    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Alright guys I have a question but first. I got the hd hood on and I got the hd hood trim molding for free but it was the wrong year nothing lined up at all I mean nothing so I'm going to have to buy one. My question is what is the right part number for the 07-09 hd hood trim? Reason im asking...
  9. RTM355

    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Thanks bro's I'm going to paint like I said I was just need to get a few extra things trying to decide also if I want to get the bumper also.
  10. RTM355

    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    I have no clue I was going to paint everything then I have had three people tell me to keep it how it looks now .
  11. RTM355

    2006 Silverado hood needed

    Hit me with a pm I know where one is
  12. RTM355

    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Here it is I just need to get the chrome hood trim and paint it at my shop.
  13. RTM355


    Deer piss his shit dude grow a pair man
  14. RTM355

    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    Hey guys its been a while anyways I finally found a hood for $250 in the box 2 hours away I'm going today or Monday to get it. Any good advice on how to in stall it ? Thanks rtm355
  15. RTM355

    Important!: PAINTERS Come in!

    I know that but not everyone does Always helps anyways . Also don't soak it for hours that will break down the packing
  16. RTM355

    Important!: PAINTERS Come in!

    Ive also have used devilbliss just buy you two different size tips and while you are at it buy your self a packing kit for the internals of the gun,will wear out after a few cleanings
  17. RTM355

    fixable or am I screwed

    After you clear it wait a few day wet sand 2000 grit then buff with glosss wax make sure you do not stay in one spot to long or you might have more problem then you had before good luck malika . If you need any questions answered pm me bro any time
  18. RTM355

    New guy...

    Welcome and good day sir
  19. RTM355

    Exhaust Clip Sticky

    it is two forty series flowmaster with 3" pipe
  20. RTM355

    port and polish 5.3

    I'll have to find the link but some truck mag shows you how too.