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  1. RTM355

    port and polish 5.3

    I'm thinking about port and polishing my tb and also maybe the manifold. The one thing I'm wondering about the most is the port and polish is it worth the effort ? Thanks for any info on the subject if i do it I will try my best to do a how to on it.
  2. RTM355

    Wanted: nnbs roof rack

    If you guys know anyone selling a roof rack for a nnbs please post. Thanks always rtm355
  3. RTM355

    about the chrome bezels on gauges

    Hey guys I'm really think of doing some interior paint to my truck and was wonder do i hve to tape up the chrome by the gauges or CJ I some how remove them ? Thanks for your help guys
  4. RTM355


    What going on guys. From another site gmfs