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  1. Half_Ton

    I'm back

    Picked up a 1LT with leather on Saturday. I got a smoking deal and got it leveled with duratracs. tint Friday and figuring out what to do with the adaptive exhaust valve asap. I already bolted it open, but i may leave it when i splice in a magnaflow. Adding nav at a later date may be an...
  2. Half_Ton

    2014 denali from lower air dam

    My dad got his denali stuck on our hunting property and ripped up the front air damn. I told him to just take it off and he wants a new one. I knew a bunch of us took them off our NNBS truck and I still have mine in my garage rafters, but the newest body style is much different. I have a pos...
  3. Half_Ton

    NNBS Headlight harness and Driver taillight (chev)

    harness- $12 shipped taillight $15 plus shipping email me please as i don't check back as often as i used to. bustedknuckles***01****at****Gmai* remove *- duh
  4. Half_Ton

    NNBS trailer wiring size

    Since i no longer have my NNBS i can't run out and check, what size are the trailer harness wires? I need to buy a few wire taps and would love to bring the right tools/products without going to the parts store during the process. Thanks fellas, Jay
  5. Half_Ton

    Bad ass winch install

    Street sign post to mount it........ My buddy is a mechanic and sends me gems like this.
  6. Half_Ton

    1994 suburban seat belt help

    I cannot find for the life of me a replacement for my father in law's low mileage 94 suburban pass front seat belt. It has the silver or light gray interior, and cannot for the life of me find a replacement. Really wanted NOS but that seems not to be an option and the dealer said they are no...
  7. Half_Ton

    Volant intake

    Fits 4.8-6.0 2007 and 2008 i believe in perfect condition, all hardware included. Comes with powercore filter $224.99 shipped! :thumbsup:
  8. Half_Ton

    Clear bra/Paint protection precut circles

    The underhood bumpers that are on my core support are rubbing paint away on the hood for some reason and i just had it fixed at the dealer, but i want a permanent fix. Does anyone know where i can buy the OE or other thick clear film in precut circles to apply to the bottom side of the hood?
  9. Half_Ton

    NNBS EC sill plates

    48429 new in the box, opened for pictures. I believe they are for an EC, but i've had them so long i don[t remember. That is why i took a pic with PN's showing. I'd like $20 for them
  10. Half_Ton

    For Sale: 1.5" Wheel spacers

    Set of 4 (FOUR) 1.5" spacers for 6x5.5 bolt pattern. I bought them from someone at GMFS a while back and never installed them, actually forgot about them and found them in the bottom cabinet of my tool box. $100 takes them. I believe they are RC brand, but billet none the less. 48429
  11. Half_Ton

    F90BT with SWRC and ONstar module

    The F90BT comes with dash kit, SWRC module, Relay that is connected to blinker so you still get a blinker indication, Onstar interface module, GPS antenna, microphone for bluetooth, and ipod cable. It has also been bypassed for DVD play while in motion. Maps were updated last summer. IT ALL...
  12. Half_Ton

    Free: NNBS third brake light tinted- missing gasket

    Pay shipping and it's yours. I check rarely lately so be patient Professionally tinted with clear and black mix.
  13. Half_Ton

    damn black wrinkle powdercoat

    how in the hell do i clean it? It is on a 883 sportster harley that my buddy owns. It is all blacked out and annoying as hell to detail. The wrinkle is on the heads and the rest of the engine. The body parts are satin black which isn't an issue. I used some dawn to clean below the gastank...
  14. Half_Ton

    Revolver for sale I have about 250-300 rounds though it, no blemishes, and functions just like it did the day i bought it. It's just been collecting dust (not really, it's been in my safe) for the last year and a half. Always cleaned the day i shot it...
  15. Half_Ton

    found my way.

    Yup, i'm here. CSB.