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    Raceline illusion 6

    Sup guys in need of help Gonna order a set of racelines soon Have the rear shortened already Just seeing if there are any problems stuffing a 22x12 in the rear I know I need tubs but will I be hitting the leafs or do I need to relocate them I hear different answer all the time So if...
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    HD front end swap on my 2012 silverado

    Thanks fellas
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    Bagged 13 Sierra

    Where'd you get the notch from?! Ektensive?
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    HD front end swap on my 2012 silverado

    No jack in the back either lol 7/10 drop
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    HD front end swap on my 2012 silverado

    2012 HD 2500 front end swap and color matched
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    Instagram/Facebook features..

    Custom GM: scraffa707 Instagram: 2sikchevy Truck: 2012 Silverado on 6/10 on LTZ 20s Centerlines in the pic lol [/URL][/IMG]
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    Kb Turbo kit for Nnbs

    What about installation? And yea I just looked at the trick turbo kit they look about the same also price around the same
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    Kb Turbo kit for Nnbs

    Hey guys haven't been on in a while lol Looking to go boosted now been losing to too many mustangs!! I ain't having it lol What you guys think about this brand so far I've read nothing but good things but just wanna make sure Thanks in advance
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    Baby Notch

    did mine and my buddies awhile ago just throwing up pics have the big notch all welded up ready to go but gonna do a four link while im at it lol i will have a full thread on that
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    The Burnout Thread

    heres mine
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    Centerline 20s and 2012 Front Clip

    got my ppretty clean centerlines 20s on 275/40/20 proxes no curb rash one rim is slieghtly bent but holds air fine also got my hood, grille, bumper, slp overlay, and all mounting brackets for sale 850 obo for the center lines 900 for the whole front clip
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    ForceFed Preformance Dyno Tune results

    I could be wrong it probably was 3rd
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    ForceFed Preformance Dyno Tune results

    I got the Volant intake for a good deal so I hopped on it it's working fine And yes it was a dynojet
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    ForceFed Preformance Dyno Tune results

    I think it was 2 gear and It was a dyno jet
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    Bagging a NNBS with out Cnotch

    No point to bagging for a 4-7 like everyone says Do a simple 3-5 with the helper bags that would be way more functional He could also go lower and use air shocks off a 02 Denali Wouldn't work as well as the bags but it would make a difference
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    ForceFed Preformance Dyno Tune results

    i have a 2012 silverado reg cab 5.3l 6 speed mods: calspeeed lt, volant intake, msd wires, 160 thermostat, tr-6 plugs, and all synththic oils before tune was 278 whp after tune 306 whp 318 torque Tuner: Force Fed Preformance in Roseville CA One of the better LS motor tuners ForceFed...
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    new member

    whats up guys i drive a 2012 reg cab silverado on a 6/9 drop form Santa Rosa CA