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    Daily drive cam ?

    Plaing on to cam swap of my 1999 Tahoe 5.7 350 . Any Recommend size , brand that would perfect for daily with no problems ?
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    Wtb OBS all clear taillights

    Lmk if anybody selling there set of all clear taillights for 95-00 Chevy
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    Static OBS Thread - 88-99 Classic

    Yea bro those 24s look sick on the Tahoe but the ride was horrible lol. Had to remove the drop spindles since it would push out the 24s out won't tuck . so I traderd wit 20in billets Right now I'm debating to get some 22in iroc or some nova
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    Static OBS Thread - 88-99 Classic

    New to the site Here's my Tahoe when I first pick it up 2/3 on 22s 3/5 on 24s Here she set right now .working progress !plaining to redo whole suspension spindle & drp springs front . Flip kit n hangers rear . Fram is notch just need to notch crossmember for the Drive shaft .