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  1. Samuel6731

    2018 Sierra DRL

    Been a awhile since I'v posted so quick update. A few months ago I bought a new 2018 Sierra SLT premium plus, 4WD in cardinal red. So far I'v done the basics: 2.5" zone leveling kit and 33x12.50r20 Gladiator X Comp M/Ts. Window tint, ect. Question: Has anyone messed with the LED DRLs on...
  2. Samuel6731

    Question About LS6 243 Head Work

    When I did mine I had them milled .032. PTV issues you should be fine just measure for PR length. I had my 799s milled, bowl blended, short turn radius slightly worked, back cut the valves...ect the cheap and easy work. They picked up 24CFM on the flow bench over factory. I also went...
  3. Samuel6731

    Lsxrt on lq4?

    nnbs intake. Spend extra money on heads. Put all the cam you want in it if it cant breath its a waste
  4. Samuel6731

    Gannon's 2000 Sierra turbo build

    Maybe consider getting Robert Godfrey to build you a 60E. His performance prices are fully warrantied and very very fairly priced. hes done several 700hp+ 60Es and some that consistently go 10s. Just in case you had any thoughts about staying 60E Id worry about gears last. as most said staying...
  5. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    lol I need to finish up school then maybe i could afford two toys. Currently i want to get serious about the isuzu.
  6. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    No man its fine! Maybe someone will find useful information in here, was just saying that if it needs to be deleted it could be. Im unsure how forums are ran and if their is a set a space/storage tolerance
  7. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    Truck is sold! Admin can delete if wanted. Now have a 02 tacoma prerunner v6 and focusing all my attention/money on my isuzu
  8. Samuel6731

    350 hp from a first gen 5.3? Question heavy

    Unless you plan to spin a 5.3 past 6300ish then it really isnt worth it. The truck manifold flow great already. 350Hp the easiest way, strap a blower on it.
  9. Samuel6731

    Help choosing tires

    I had toyo proxes. They were a good tire. Quite, did well in rain, and lasted damn good. Reason I disliked them was they seemed to be made out of a harder compound with made dry traction hard to come by for me. Not talking about cornering, I'm talking as in launching my heavy truck with a...
  10. Samuel6731

    For Sale: Corsair H110

    I ordered a H110 from new egg that I no longer plan to use. Exact product- CORSAIR Hydro Series H110 Extreme Performance Water/Liquid CPU Cooler. 280mm - I will receive it from newegg on Thursday 4-23-15 If it does not sell I will be returning it to new egg. $100 shipped...
  11. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    If I sell it would be to go back stock and also lift my truck some. I want it more comfortable to daily drive and reliable. Just would allow me to focus more on the Zoo and tow it if need be. Also I work for an Engineering firm and need something I can comfortably haul around clients in if need...
  12. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    Have local friend who wants the whole setup. It would be a he swap every from his to mine, mine to his and him give me cash. other than that if he backs out I will be selling although id expect most all would be sold locally Id really like to make it to the track one more time with some...
  13. Samuel6731

    Circle D 3200 stall 6l80e

    Here is my scoop on the budget circle D 3200. Its basically a Trailblazer stall cut open and re-stalled slightly higher, Iv NEVER seen them 60' anything close to impressive and honestly i would say its closer to a 3000 rpm stall. With that being said, beings its a OE style/size converter...
  14. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    Aint worried about nuffin. next up is to lift whole truck anyway, prob demod all performance parts.
  15. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    an inch Yes i WILL NOT DO a 1/4 I WOULD DO I may see if there is a way i could get it to latch without raising the seat, i mean its super super close. other option YOLO fuck the seat latch. :sbs:
  16. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    It does fit. Due to him Modding the box for more excursion I have to raise the seat. Something he went over with me prior to sending him money, something that is very very simple/easy/common to do. It does/sounds exactly like i wanted and actually is better than i anticipated.... I happy, i...
  17. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    Eh not really. He told me before he started the build as a warning. In order to make it work hes going to have to leave 2" of excursion room he gave me fair warning i MAY have to lift my seats. So i knew going into this gaping the seat up some may be needed in order to fit the box. If i would...
  18. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    Thats what im saying/getting at. For not having to deal with all them small pieces and such, not worrying about fitment, clean and tight...... it was worth the 2.5 week wait and $16x.00 i paid for the box. Ill try to get some pictures soon of fitment for you all. And the issue of the 40...
  19. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    Nothing, i paid 164 shipped. All he had to do was make the baffles larger. The depth of the box worked but baffles were not large enough to fit the 7.25" OD mags of the SD-2 10"s I dont have time between work,school, and building my isuzu on the weekends. I also didnt feel like messing with...
  20. Samuel6731

    Samuels 05 sierra crewcab build

    He uses 5/8" MDF as stated here, Xtreme Enclosures Unless you specify 3/4 or 1" its 5/8"