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    Duramax is replaced...Huck's Yukon

    Thanks a lot I appreciate it. Full custom front coil over suspension and steering, full coil over rear with Spohn andjustable upper, lower and pan hard. Offset links and sway bars front and rear. Notched in the rear. Did the free travel then also put a notch in it. I have billets for it but I...
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    Dakota's 2008 vmax thread

    Any updates?
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    Duramax is replaced...Huck's Yukon

    I like them without the steps. Yours looks great.
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    Huck’s 1985 C10

    Looks good. The new wheels and stance is way better than the first wheels and the rallies. Any updates?
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    DA04 progress

    Any updates?
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    2004 Silverado Prerunner Build

    Any updates??
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    Dat Tyler NBS 2.0 and all my other shit

    What year is it. Wanna sell some parts off of it?
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    2012 Ford Raptor "Build"

    Your truck looks so nice with all the color matching. You’re building a great Raptor and can’t wait to see how it’s all gonna come together In my head I was thinking dam this thing needs a front bumper. Like always I keep my mouth shut and see what happens. i like it.
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    BB's full frame build

    Any updates?
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    Jack1181's 08 ecsb build

    Any updates? It looks way better lowered. Just me But think you should go back to CM mirrors instead of the chrome. I say too slam that bitch.
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    Huck’s 1985 C10

    Any updates?
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    Dakota's 2008 vmax thread

    That looks sick. If you ever decide to sell the wheels please let me know. What‘s next? More cosmetic or some performance? Anymore color matching? I say the the window trim / the bottom chrome do it black or color match.
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    2012 Ford Raptor "Build"

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    2012 Ford Raptor "Build"

    Looks great. Which Pioneer deck is that?
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    Dakota's 2008 vmax thread

    Any updates?
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    Custom/OEM Interiors,consoles

    Seeing a bunch of roadsters and 30’s. Any late models (70’s through today)? Trucks?
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    NBS tahoe bagged, bodied, billets

    Trying to load pics and forgot how. To show you laid out the camber isn’t what you’re thinking and aired up the same. The thing handled like it was on rails. My buddy Steve McGaughy (McGaughy suspension) helped design and set up the rear. And this was like 13 years ago.
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    NBS tahoe bagged, bodied, billets

    Sorry, I know it’s and older post in the thread. But I did an IRS on one of my SEMA builds in 08 with 15” wide wheels (first pair of Raceline 24x14/15). The axles / CV’s were short as hell but after having them heat treated and properly made (used a GTO rear end with some up grades) it handled...
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    NBS Part Out

    Any interior left? I know hood is gone but how about rest of front end (looking to maybe change one of my Chevy’s to a GMC front end) grill, lights, fenders, bumper etc...