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  1. 07burb

    Dat Bubble Caprice....

    This is my current DD. Just a little background. My grandma bought this new back in 91 and I inherited about 10 months ago with 44k original miles on it. It's a 91 Caprice Classic with a 305 in it. At the time I was DDing an 05 Grand Prix so I sold that and started DDing this and have done a few...
  2. 07burb

    Local Cruise Night pics

  3. 07burb

    My 2007 Burb (quick overview)

    Just introducing you to my Burb to those of you who have not seen it on other boards. Nothing extreme but a good clean build so far IMO. WARNING: This thread will probably only be interesting to me :) The purpose of this thread is to mainly keep track of what I've done with part numbers and...
  4. 07burb

    '77 C-10 (07Burb's baby!!)

    Ok, being a newbie here I thought I'd introduce you to my truck. Some of you have already seen it in my build threads on other forums but here is a condensed version. Have had the truck since Nov. 2003 and it's gone through quite the transformation since and will continue to change. This is the...
  5. 07burb


    A see several familiar faces!! I've had several GMs over the years. The curren ones that matter are an 07 Suburban and my 77 c-10. I will post up more about those in different threads but wanted to say hi! :thumbsup: