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  1. yates

    Huck’s 2005 Silverado

    I don't want a shitty one but I also have no idea what you just said, lol.
  2. yates

    Huck’s 2005 Silverado

    I think I have decided to sell my Ram and will be looking for a NBS Tahoe or crew cab when it goes. Let me know if you see anything.
  3. yates

    Huck’s 2005 Silverado

    Exactly what I would like to find.
  4. yates

    Malikk's 92 s10

    Grew up on mini trucks and was always into S10/15s, my first vehicle was a V8 S15. Love the build!
  5. yates

    Yates's Cadillac adventures

    I guess I am sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly with you guys. We noticed a little rust from underneath on the driver side so purchased a new floor pan already, passenger side looked brand new. Going to seal everything up and then put in Dynamat and Dynapad in that I have left over from the...
  6. yates

    Yates's Cadillac adventures

    Finally spent a little bit of time on this. Was going to get a bit more done but due to it taking a few hours laying on the ground fighting getting the pitman arm off I only got the steering box and idler arm changed out. It was something I needed to get done though. Have next Monday and Tuesday...
  7. yates

    Yates's Cadillac adventures

    Out with the old EGR delete and in with the new.
  8. yates

    Yates's Cadillac adventures

    Power washed the motor this morning. Hoping to paint tonight. Before (see previous post for dirty pics) After
  9. yates

    The Nali fiasco

    The wife's 18 Acadia Denali has left her stranded twice now, once it wouldn't shift into reverse at the grocery store and the other day just a dead battery for no reason. She is less than pleased and called the owner on his cell at 8 in the morning and made him send a truck to pick it up from...
  10. yates

    For Sale: 1948 Chevrolet Convertible

    Posting this up for my dad. I wish I had the cash and space for it but sadly I am poor. 1948 Chevy convertible. Molded front and rear fenders, custom Carson removable top, chopped 4.5" roof. 355 with a 700R transmission, power brakes, and steering. Mustang 2 front end and 15x8.5 American...
  11. yates

    Yates's Cadillac adventures

    Last night we decided to do some mock up with the LS1 intake. Found out that I will need to get LS1 steam lines and that I was not happy with trying to modify the truck water pump. Rotated it as others had suggested and still couldn't get the throttle body on. Got out the old trusty hammer and...
  12. yates

    Yates's Cadillac adventures

    Started tearing the motor down last night and used a scope to look into the cylinders. Surprisingly, even though the outside was pretty dirty, you could still see cross hatching on walls so this may be a decent motor after all. Not sure you can really tell in the pictures but these exhaust...
  13. yates

    In here if you like CARS...........

    It's badass though.
  14. yates

    2020 Seirra HD Revealed

    GM is banking pretty hard on this tailgate that no one asked for.
  15. yates

    55 chevy build

    Can't hide money. When can you get me deals on chopping block stuff and take payments?
  16. yates

    got me a 66 caddy

    Makes me miss mine even more :(
  17. yates

    2019 Silverado revealed.. It's

  18. yates

    2019 Silverado revealed.. It's

    Have had at least 5 people approach me to be a model just today.
  19. yates

    2019 Silverado revealed.. It's

    Just posting what I see :shrug: