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    2002 Z71 Build

    Thanks I love it, and from what ive heard theres 2 options to get the grille to fit properly. Ive seen some guys lower their bumpers to get it to fit or another way is to do a small body lift to the rest of the truck and not relocate the front bumper and it will give plenty of room to fit the HD...
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    Ultimate what hits/what fits, "What size tires can I run with X lift on Y truck?" !!

    Hows that truck ride with the rough country leveling kit in it?
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    2002 Z71 Build

    New to the site so I decided I should post my truck build on here to get some ideas or advice on what to do. My truck is an 02 silverado 1500 bought it about a year ago now and I absolutely love the truck. The day I bought it, it was bone stock which is what I wanted. The truck being from MN had...