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  1. Connor

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    No such thing ask cali guys
  2. Connor

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Did brakes on the work truck after I got it because there were no ebrakes, literally, cables just chillin, not shoes or backing plate. 3 out of four calipers were totally shot, last was grabbing on one side only, and all the rotors were warped and rusty. Looked at powerstop but had heard their...
  3. Connor

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Buy an nbs diesel with a blown headgasket and build it lol. Whip something dumb till it's done. Or do cencal burb
  4. Connor

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Wait, it's not normal to drive a vehicle way past it's service life and let it nickel and dime you to death? Tbh, if you do it like big rig guys do and just say at X miles i'm going to overhaul everything it's probably much more enjoyable and still cheap to own. Replace a lot of things at once...
  5. Connor

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Mine was awesome, zero complaints related to the truck. It ate a little oil in the summer and a couple lines rusted out but that’s what you get for a truck with 300k. Can’t complain about one trans after 303k.
  6. Connor

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Thats awesome
  7. Connor

    Time Bomb/WTF is up with Connor Now Thread

    Thanks, it worked out alright. Hopefully instead of a stock engine now I’ll be able to take some more time and just put together the right parts, fix some of the factory issues, and make a little more power over what a stock truck can. The bearing wear was bad in the last sample and there was...
  8. Connor

    Time Bomb/WTF is up with Connor Now Thread

    Jesus it’s been a while. Went with PPEI tuning on an ez lynk and for the most part the truck ripped. Had one bug they ironed out and the truck was a rocket. It didn’t blink at anything I did in it. I loved my sotf tunes. But... I had a little crank deflection it seems, and in the last oil...
  9. Connor

    Post the Truck you just cant quit looking at:

    I’m drooling. That’s sick. That’s early ‘10s as fuck, i love it. I need some 33’s.
  10. Connor

    SlickSierra v2.0

    Vmax goals.
  11. Connor

    SlickSierra v2.0

    Clean AF man!
  12. Connor

    Malikk's 92 s10

    Did you do a burn out yet
  13. Connor

    Yukon died abruptly. Not cranking.

    Glad you got it figured out!
  14. Connor

    D1nman's "new" tow pig/covered wagon

    Going to be sick inman.
  15. Connor

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    New mirror install
  16. Connor

    SDM Build Thread

    Wonder how many people see that thing running around clean as a whistle and make mall crawler jokes. nEvEr sEeN mUd
  17. Connor

    Time Bomb/WTF is up with Connor Now Thread

    I need to get some pictures. I got a billet antenna (not luz, I need to drive down there and get him to make me one lol) and clear mirror lights. Need to order some other clear stuff. I think I'm gonna get some ebay clear heads and see if I can clean up the oems. They're crazed and the lenses...
  18. Connor

    For Sale: Clear Retrofitted Denali Projectors and Clear APC Taillights.

    Not going on the Vmax? I wish I still had an nbs to put these in I always wanted clear retrofitted denalis
  19. Connor

    I need new tires

    I'm a fan of my cooper stt pros. They have rode well and been fairly quiet on my truck but i only have a few thousand miles on them.
  20. Connor

    roundsy's 05 Hoe Build