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  1. BOO5TED

    For Sale: Morimoto Mini 6.0 projectors, Denali adapters, 5K H1 bulbs

    Like the title states I have 6.0 projectors, Denali adapters and 5K H1 bulbs for sale. Located in ATL, $110 shipped.
  2. BOO5TED

    Wanted: NBS 1"-2" drop coil springs

    Like the title states, looking for 1" or 2" drop coil springs for NBS trucks. Preferably Mcgaughys but let me know what you have. Willing to trade Belltech Pro 2"-3" coils with spacer if interested.
  3. BOO5TED

    For Sale: Sprint HTC ONE M8 Harmon Kardon Edition With extras

    Sprint HTC ONE M8 Harmon Kardon, UAG case, white carbon fiber front skin, four screen protectors, cleaning cloth, camera lens protector, two 8gb sd cards, charger, sim tool, HTC stickers, manuals. Located in ATL area. $200 Shipped
  4. BOO5TED

    Garage Clean Out, random stuff

    Garage Clean Out, Gibson tips, Orion amp Located in the ATL area and all are OBO Gibson 500374 tips. Stainless, Polished, Slant, Non-Rolled Edge, 2.50 in. Inlet, 3.50 in. Outlet, 12 in. Long $55 99-07 Center hump carpet mat, charcoal. Used this for about three...
  5. BOO5TED

    Dome light question

    Anyone know a way to find out which terminal is + and which is - on the dome light in the crew cabs? I'm trying to use all three festoon bulbs as the dome light and do away with the two buttons. This is what I have. This is what I'm thinking of doing.
  6. BOO5TED

    Gear Pro GDV285BL 1080p Full HD Sport Action Camera

    Location: North ATL Price: 60 shipped Brand new, never used. Specifications: Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (30 fps) 1280 x 720 (60 fps) VGA (120 fps) Image Sensor: 5MP CMOS Camera Lens: F3.1 f=9.3mm Digital Zooming: 4x Shutter: Electronic shutter LCD Display: 2.4" Touch Screen Image...
  7. BOO5TED

    Free: Linksys routers

    Found these the other day going through some left over moving boxes. One is the WRT54G other is the WRT54GS. 54G was used for about three months, 54GS is new in the box. Both come with power adapter, data cable and install disks. Not sure if anyone even needs these but pay for...
  8. BOO5TED

    New tires?

    So I'm getting new tires and wanted to know if anyone had experience with any of these. Nitto 421Q Toyo Proxes ST II Toyo proxes ST Anyone run these or have in the past? Go.
  9. BOO5TED

    Lighting opinions

    So I sold my Denali headlights and just bought some of the clear ones like these. I was going to get the all clear turns also to match them like these, But then saw these and now I can't decide. These kinda match the headlights a little better I think. Which...
  10. BOO5TED

    Retroed DEPO NBS Denali Headlights

    DEPO brand headlights no chips/cracks/scratches on them, adapter plates, Morimoto 4.1 H1 projectors, 5k bulbs. $325 for the headlights as is if you want the oe projectors in them I'll sell them for $220 Located in ATL and willing to ship US only. No...
  11. BOO5TED

    03-07 Sierra fog light

    Doesn't matter what side or even condition, just need one for a project I have in mind. Let me know what you guys have.
  12. BOO5TED

    Important!: 176mph Caddi

    Car Feature: The 176mph LSR 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Kill - Caddy Powered And Homebuilt! | :hng:
  13. BOO5TED

    Sierra fog light disassembly

    Has anyone disassembled Sierra fogs? Not sure if its possible but figured I'd ask, I have an idea brewing in my head but they would need to apart for it to work.
  14. BOO5TED

    Wheel help.

    Was running a few errands this afternoon and I saw a Tahoe Hybrid in a parking lot with some wheels I've never seen before. I turned in and by the time I found it he was pulling away so I couldnt get a pic. They looked like 22s and were polished. Truck was totally stock so not sure if they were...
  15. BOO5TED

    McGard Spline drive lugs

    Chrome SplineDrive 6 Lug Wheel Installation Kit (M14 x 1.5 Thread Size); Set of 20 Lug Nuts, 1 Installation Tool, 4 Wheel Locks, 1 key, Key Storage Pouch & 4 Valve Stems Anyone have these? I need some new lugs now I have the GMC wheels and have been looking at these. I have a full set of...
  16. BOO5TED

    Decent looking Silverado

    '99 Chevy Silverado :bishplz:
  17. BOO5TED

    For Sale: Misc items(updated 9-4)

  18. BOO5TED

    Important!: Embeding Videos for Dummies 101

    For youtube you need to use [ video ] [ / video ] tags without the spaces instead of just posting the link or the tags. For Vimeo its the same, just use the [ video ] [ / video ] (without the spaces) and the link of the video you want to use.
  19. BOO5TED

    For Sale: Clear Denalis and turn signals

    Fit 99-06 Sierras and Yukons. I put the lights on the truck to take the pics and then took them off. Turn signals never even made it to the truck. I paid $175 for every thing so I'll start it off at $160 shipped. Decided to just stick with the other set I have, kinda rather those now that I...
  20. BOO5TED

    Backup cam help

    Anyone seen wiring like this for them? IMAG2619 by BOO5TED, on Flickr I know the yellow RCA is the video feed and the red wire on it is the power, but what the hell is the other one? Kinda looks like a power adapter to me. Camera came with no instructions and no help/response from...