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  1. CUB

    NNBS LT2 Console

  2. CUB

    2014 Silverado Blue Granite door handles

    Need some door handles for brothers 14 Silverado. Blue Granite. Thanks
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    Vector Truck Illustrations

    Some work I've been doing.. All hand done in Illustrator. Can be blown up to any size without getting pixelated like a normal render would. So this could be a small sticker or a garage wall wrap and would still keep the quality. Follow me on Instagram @vagrantvisuals
  4. CUB

    Nnbs Silverado /Sierra front clip trade?

    Complete shot in the dark but if anyone has a nnbs Sierra and wants to transform into a Silverado I'm down. I have Graystone Metallic paint but I'm down for any color, I need to paint my shit anyways. I have the 6.5' bed so crew cab bed won't work. Just throwing it out there. Located in...
  5. CUB

    Nnbs black woodgrain dash pieces

    Getting a new dash put in soon so all my hydrodipped pieces will be for sale. Lot of pieces probably around 11 or so. **only thing I'll need in return is steering wheel pieces with column pieces and AC control piece (must be knob style or else I'll just have to keep it)** Steering wheel piece...
  6. CUB

    Coolant leak/ slushing sound behind dash

    Ok let's see. November my thermostat went out. Replaced it and all has been good. January or so I started hearing water slushing around behind dash when turning or idling. Sounds like fuckin waves crashing on a beach. Popped hood few weeks ago and coolant tank was completely empty. Topped it...
  7. CUB

    AT&T Galaxy S4 Active

    Location: Shreveport, LA Item: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active fot ATT Price : $250 shipped PayPal Only
  8. CUB

    For Sale: Feeler: 20" GMC wheels

    Feeler: any interest in 20" gmc wheels with 275/45/20 tires still in great shape. Asking 900 In Shreveport, LA. Would deliver to Baton rouge if anywhere.
  9. CUB

    For Sale: NNBS HD bumper/1500 Bumper

    Shreveport, Louisiana: Kinda iffy shipping either one of these big bastards.. Sold!.. 2007+ 1500 bumper graystone metallic $150 Been sitting in shop for a few months, prob want to repaint it
  10. CUB

    For Sale: Trade: NNBS HD bumper for stock

  11. CUB

    For Sale: (LA) 22" GM steelies

    Brand new, 6 lug, fit 99-13 GM Thought about running them but changed my mind...if anyone's interested ill ship or hold them till Shreve meet.. Looking for 600 picked up or 600 + shipping Can even get powder-coated if needed, but you're looking at around 200 extra for powder.
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    For Sale: 99-06 NBS RC 4.5" lift $450

  13. CUB

    CUB's Bagged Build...Question Heavy

    I dont know when the actual build will start, hopefully this month a lot questions and little stuff that needs answering and advice...never done this before and want to do it right the first time, no shortcuts or cheap shit.. Wishbone and tank are getting powdered right now, was...
  14. CUB

    For Sale: (LA) 07+ KP cups BNIB

    BNIB kp cups, these along with drop spindles will lay the front out of a 07+ Silverado/Sierra Looking for 320 shipped
  15. CUB

    LTZ dash for NNBS $500

    07-13 ltz dash tahoe silverado avalanche suburban
  16. CUB

    Wanted: NNBS fog lights

    Need the housing. No bulbs.
  17. CUB

    For Sale: Raceline Deceptives trade for stock 20's + cash
  18. CUB

    For Sale: (LA): NNBS stuff, black 3-cup jumpseat, Air Zenith gauge

    I will be in Dallas/Ft. Worth area January 26 if any Dallas guys are interested in anything PayPal or cash only Im in Shreveport, LA Air Zenith air guage..Brand new in box, never used $75 shipped NNBS cloth seat covers, no smoking, no rips, burns, tears etc, just some water stains...
  19. CUB

    Workin and Twerkin

    Some shit we do at my work We powdered the bars and dipped the hood and re-did the sticker 09 Escalade this kid brought in for us to "murder out" :okay2: BEFORE: We hydrodipped all the burlwood to black burlwood...i think it came out pretty sick His powdercoated calipers Hard...
  20. CUB

    NNBS rear bumper plastics

    Looking for nnbs rear bumper, preferably HD plastics, or regular 1500 ones.. Just keep an eye out if anyone knows of anyone who ditched their bumper or see a cheap one on CL