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  1. Connor

    Time Bomb/WTF is up with Connor Now Thread

    Time for an annual summer report cuz I'm really busy in the summer and don't get on as often as I'd like to. Blew the shift solenoid out of the side of my trans in the Denali. Not to worry because I had just bought a new truck and was gonna fly out to get it. Two weeks and many flights later...
  2. Connor

    Class 4/5 Chevrolet DFW Factory SFA DMAX. DNW L5P:facepalm2:
  3. Connor

    2005 Denali Resuscitation

    Copying from TYF I'm going to run this thing into the ground, so I might as well document it. 2005 Yukon Denali. Got it completely stock with somewhere around 260,000 miles I lost a lot of my old photos, but here's one I managed to pull from an old thread. First thing I did was pull the running...
  4. Connor

    1982 CJ7 Jamboree Edition

    My buddy is selling his 82 CJ7 jamboree.
  5. Connor

    GM Spotters' thread

    Didn't really find a thread for this, so here goes. I'm always snapping pics of cool cars and trucks on the highway or in parking lots. Figured I'm not alone. See a clean GM? See another member? Good job eagle eyes, now brag with your camera (phone). All GM makes, all models. K2 at the local...
  6. Connor

    22" Transports

    Somebody scoop these if you're in the NE
  7. Connor

    Cluster Repair

    Has anyone ever shipped out their nbs cluster to be rebuilt? The battery gauge crapped out on me a while back, but now my speedo is acting up. I could replace the steppers myself, but I'm not that comfortable with electronic repair. I tried to replace an iphone screen a couple years ago, fried...
  8. Connor

    Static Charged Paint

    Waxed the yukon tonight and as I was wiping the wax off the dust from the dried wax seemed to static cling to the paint. It's a pita to keep going back and wiping off dust from every panel. Why is this is happening and how I can fix it?
  9. Connor

    Ford Weld Typhoon

    16.5 weld typhoons, ford 8 lug pattern. 80 bucks. Could make a good flip.
  10. Connor

    Boat Porn

    Whore out your boat photos. I'll start it out. Saw this beaut at jupiter inlet today This grady was getting wet
  11. Connor

    Compound and Polish

    I have a DA that I use to wax fiberglass boat topsides in the summer. I use a wool pad for that, and I think it came with two foam pads, I have no idea what they are or do. For compounding and polishing my SUV, what pads do I need, and what compounds and polishes would be good for a beginner...
  12. Connor

    Tiny dings

    I have a small ding on the side of my car, then entire blemish is smaller than a dime. It is noticeable in the black, however. What's the best way to fix it? I know I could fill with a little putty and paint it, but I don't want to do that. I've been trained to hate bondo, and want an all metal...
  13. Connor

    New Masshole

    Some of you may know (hate) me from GMFS. 05alive there too. I'm from outside Boston, MA, and I drive a (surprise!) 2005 GMC Yukon Denali. I lurk here. A lot. Mostly creeping certain white crew cab builds.