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    TILLERS 2K16 Silverado build

    Well the white truck is gone and I picked this 2016 Silverado up, single cab 5.3L with just about everything you can get in a single cab Plans are 4/6 or 4/7 drop on 24s with some basic mods to clean it up and then just drive the shot out of it and enjoy it Already have windows tinted 5%...

    TILLERS 00 Silverado build....

    Some of you know I snagged a 00 rcsb silverado from a local company that used it as a work truck. Bought it to use as a work/ play truck and keep the miles off the crew cab Plans for now are to clean it up and fix all the broken things on it. Also have a 5.3L waiting on a cam and LTs to go...

    Nnbs sierra headlights

    I've got a set of nnbs sierra headlights for sale. Can be cleared if buyer wants Located: hallsville tx Price: $250 300 cleared Will also clear and swap for yours in the same condition Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Tillers 2013 tahoe build

    We'll I've always wanted a tahoe and I finally talked the fiancé into trading her care in on one so 'we' can have a nice sized family SUV We ended up with a 2013 2wd silver tahoe with 20k on it. First plans are to give it a full detail and demoed it Exhaust Led replacements 3"...

    Tyler's giant garage sale

    All things are located in hallsville tx All things are Obo Stock nnbs 1.25" blocks and u bolts $40 Stock nnbs tie rod ends unmolested with about 33k on them $30 Stock tie rods THEY ARE CUT FOR RCX LIFT $30 Stock UCAs with about 33k on them $50 Brand new rough country 4.5"...

    Gmc 20s

    20" brushed gmc 20s for sale. They have a few light scratches on them, nothing really bad though *WHEELS ONLY* located in hallsville tx 600 OBO Also have two 275/55/20 Bridgestone duelers with about 50% tread left I'll throw in if buyer wants I'm sure tapatalk screwed the...

    Nice set of silverado 20s

    20 inch chrome wheels for sale


    Bought some Sierra 20s from him. Wheels were as he said they were. He had no problems getting pictures of them or answering my questions. Deal went well, would deal with him again :shake:

    Nnbs silverado hd hood and bumper

    400 for the hood HD Hood 07 - 10 Silverado Sierra GMC Chevy 125 for the bumper Front bumper 2012 Chevy 3500
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    RC 1.25" body lift

    RC 1.25" body lift and other things New in box rc 1.25" body lift, bought to use on my EC but never got around to it. Has all brackets and instructions for 07-13 will take some cash off if picked up, but will ship Located in hallsville tx Price: 125.00 OBO [/IMG] Sierra badges STL and GMC...
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    Dealership won't fix my truck

    Well I had to have a seal on my transfer case replace under warranty. Got the truck home and realized they either hit it with something or hit something with it. I brought it back this morning to have it fixed (said they'd get it taken care of), they called me this afternoon claiming the bumper...
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    Tillers 2012 6.2 build thread

    Well I traded my '11 extended cab silverado in on a '12 Sierra crew with everything but navi I got tire of no room in the back seat for passengers and the fact that it was a work truck. My immediate plans for the truck are debadged and demold, exhaust , tint, leds,and cleared heads just...
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    4:56s and 33s

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with running this combo on a nnbs 6 speed,I have to get new tires pretty soon and was thinking about dropping from35s to 33s
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    Nnbs silverado fog lights

    Looking for both left and right side fogs. Thought I'd check here before ordering from eBay
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    Lift install

    I know there is a lot of texas, Shreveport members that do work on the side and I wanted to know if anyone wants to make some extra cash for putting my lift on. I'd rather pay an individual than $800 that all the shops want around here
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    Wut :uhoh:
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    New From Texas

    Heard a lot about this forum on GMFS and thought I'd check it out! Heres a couple shots of my truck