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  1. 1brokekid

    212/218 Camshaft

    Have a used 212/218 .558"/.563" on a 115 LSA cam that was ground by comp. purchased through flowtech. Cam is in perfect shape, maybe 8,000 miles on it before going to a bigger cam. Cam would be perfect in a truck. Specs are in a picture. For gen III LS motors. Also have a brand new set of blue...
  2. 1brokekid

    Daily Driven Billets/Polished wheels

    So I'm fighting keeping these polished 2 piece eagles looking good, due to daily driving it. Anyone have any advice? As of now I'm washing with soap and water, and polishing with mothers and a powerball, then by hand. wheels alone are a 2 hour ordeal. Not too bad, but i want to find a...
  3. 1brokekid

    03-07 Interior Colors

    Curious as to what all color interiors were made in GM 03-07 trucks and SUVs. I have a truck with a tan leather interior and I'm looking for a used replacement seat Are tan escalade seats the same color? They look a little lighter, atleast in pictures. Any input or info reference? Sent from...
  4. 1brokekid

    03-07 Leather Seats and Center console

    Have a complete seat of light gray/pewter seats out of a 2005 suburban, and the complete center console. Front buckets, drivers side power, middle buckets, and 3rd row bench. In good condition, front 2 seats have small blemishes that I've pointed out. Longview, TX couple hours east of Dallas...
  5. 1brokekid

    White Trash 1985 C10

    Finally got out of that Duramax and back into something that suits me better. I ended up giving the Duramax back to my father, sold his van for him, and in turn he gave me back my 85. I bought this truck 5 summers ago when I was 13, along with the 82. It sat untouched while we built my 82, which...
  6. 1brokekid

    ABS issues

    Ok so I've been fighting ABS issues ever since blew a brake caliper seal and installed the new one, then bled the brakes. I bled them the old school way, without thinking about the abs at all. Ever since then the ABS light has been on. Had a code for the front wheel speed sensor, which I...
  7. 1brokekid

    RCSB vs ECSB/CCSB and 99-02 vs 03-07

    So I'm going to be in the market for another nbs truck here soon, with a budget of about $7500 max. Looking at 99-07 4.8/5.3 trucks but preferably an 03-07. I'm partial to single cabs as far as looks and performance goes, but I've been told I'll hate it after driving a crew cab for so long. Any...
  8. 1brokekid

    Blinkers problem help!

    Alright, so I backed into a tree a few weeks ago and hit the driver side tail light, and it broke the lens and ripped off the top taillight socket. Tore up the bedside and FUBAR'd the bumper. When it happened, the left turn signal was lit up dimly all the way back to Ryan's house where we took...
  9. 1brokekid

    AFM/DoD in NNBS

    I know that some trucks came with AFM/DOD, but exactly which nnbs trucks/engines come with or without it? Sent from my Refrigerator
  10. 1brokekid

    36 lb Injectors, fuel rails

    Have a set of 8 flex fuel injectors, which are rated at 36 lb. have ev6 plug on them. Also have painless ev6 plugs to put on your factory harness to run these injectors. $125 firm shipped for the injectors and adapters. Only pic I have, can get more if needed. Also have some nnbs fuel rails with...
  11. 1brokekid

    Set of 4 nbs Door handles. Cheap

    Need some door handles for my 06 silvy to paint so I don't go without door handles. Preferably some handles with little to no play in them. Sent from my Refrigerator
  12. 1brokekid

    36# flex fuel injectors and adapters-$125 obo

    Selling my 36# flex fuel injectors and painless adapters to run them on factory plugs since the injectors have ev6 plugs. Also have the flex fuel fuel rails. I'm in east Texas. Text me at 903-26one-11five1 Sent from my Refrigerator
  13. 1brokekid

    Making an LBZ Look Halfway Decent on a Teenager's Budget

    Well there's a long story of how I ended up with this truck and what I've had before this. Ill make it really simple and quick. I bought the truck on top when I was 13, and over the course of three years built the truck on the bottom. LS swap, lots of handling goodies, tons of sheet...
  14. 1brokekid

    New guy here, long story..

    Well, first off my name's Korbin, I'm from Longview, TX, and I'm 16. I've been on for years, where I had a 25+ build thread on this truck Ill give y'all the quick version, I bought it for $250 from an older man outside of hallsville, where it looked like the top. Didn't...