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    Adding LS6 valley cover and catch can to 03 silverado, need some help.

    Had to pull the intake off to fix the knock sensors, so I decided to do the TBSS intake swap along with the LS6 valley cover swap. Ive read a bunch of info on other forums that mostly pertain to the LS1 swap. From what i have gathered I just need to cap off the fixed orifice pvc on the driver...
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    PRC .650" Dual Valve Spring Kit Brand New

    PRC .650 Dual Valve Spring Kit for sale. Complete kit with valve seals, spring seats, and titanium retainers all brand new still in original box. Was originally ordered from Texas Speed. I was going to use them for my build but ended up going with a low lift cam and just used some 918s. Hit me...
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    IPC/DIC Circuit Draining Battery, need help.

    Okay guys, I bought a used 03 SS with 117K, that is in immaculate condition other than the sad fact that it is having the battery drain issue from the IPC/DIC circuit. I did my research, and a draw test and found this to be the circuit. Will rebuilding the gauge cluster as most have suggested...
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    99-06 DB Rods Ridetech Coilovers

    DB Rods Ridetech Coilovers. They will net you exactly two inches of drop exactly as they are set up now. These were on my 07 Classic, that truck went to my wife, she decided she wants a Honda Civic so Im yanking all the good aftermarket stuff off of the 07 before I ditch it. They are in good...
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    Going from 4/6 to 2/4 nbs. Biggest tire size you can fit?

    Currently as my truck sits Im at 4/6 drop with 275/45/20, its a 07 classic Silverado rcsb. 2" Belltech spindles and dbrods 2"coilovers up front, Belltech flip kit out back with notch. I recently moved to Oklahoma City and find that the roads are rough as sh*t. Feel like the truck is getting beat...
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    Anyone separate 03-06 nbs headlights?

    I baked them at 170 for about 9-10 minutes. They were already pretty oxidized and kinda spiderweb looking - - - - - - - - - -auto merged double post- - - - - - - - - - Although I have heard of the turkey drag, Im actually from southern Oklahoma, Durant to be exact. I need to make a sig, but...
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    Anyone separate 03-06 nbs headlights?

    I spiderwebbed and cooked some of the chrome off lol. Didnt leave them in that long either. If I can't find anyone I'll attempt with my heat gun
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    Anyone separate 03-06 nbs headlights?

    I got the park lights separated just fine, then f-ed up the headlights. Got a set of brand new tyc off a friend for really cheap. Didn't want to make the same mistake. Just looking for someone to separate them is all. I can do the rest as I plan to do some painting on them.
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    Can you run full exhaust with a 4/6 or 2/4 drop nbs. Opinion on 4/6 vs 2/4

    So you think if you go up to the max adjustment that it would be at 4" total or just 2" with the coilovers. I got the 275/45. I was wondering what the max highest adjustment on it was. John told me that the least he thinks it would be is 1.75". I definitely dont wanna be any lower than 4" up...
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    Can you run full exhaust with a 4/6 or 2/4 drop nbs. Opinion on 4/6 vs 2/4

    I havent lowered the truck yet, but I have the rst roll pan with the square tips on my truck and dont really want to loose the exhaust. Will the axle destroy it on a 4/6 drop? As of right now I have a set of dbrods coilovers, and a belltech notch ordered. Still cant decide if I wanna go 2/4 with...
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    6.0 swap nbs rcsb, will it kill my gas mileage?

    4.8 spun a rod bearing so time for a new engine. Im wanting to go with a 6.0 or at the very least a 5.3, but Im still looking to get halfway decent fuel economy. Truck is a regular cab 2 wheel drive. It already has a built 4l60e, longtube headers and a decent tune. Ill keep the 4l60 trans for...