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  1. Tylers88

    Removing Remote start

    So the Burb has an old Autopage remote start, I only got 1 fob with it when I bought and the fob finally shot the bed, haven’t been able to find a replacement since the company went out of business forever ago and I’m just going to go back to factory keyless entry. I’ve never done anything with...
  2. Tylers88

    Mac 1080

    Want to do actual cabinets in the garage so time to sell my toolbox. Mac 1080 19 drawer, all the drawers have foam liners(about 1/16-1/8” thick flat not cutout for tools), about 67” wide x 40 1/2” tall x 25” deep, few paint chips and a small dent under the top rubber mat(not very deep and...
  3. Tylers88

    Dat Tyler NBS 2.0 and all my other shit

    03 Z71 174K, leather, captain's chairs, sunroof Plans are pretty basic -needs a detail and correction but i have a friend that details on the side and owes me a favor -clears(done) -tint, just 20% on the front roll downs and maybe a sun strip -billet grille and bowtie (undecided on this for...
  4. Tylers88

    Static cling window tint

    Anyone ever use it? Any tint on front roll downs is illegal in Iowa and after having tint again when I went witbout for a few years driving around in a fish bowl will suck. My thoughts are its not held on with glue and its cheap (found 20% for like $12 a roll) so if i get pulled over as im...
  5. Tylers88

    Got rice

    Some know, a lot don't care, I picked up a 2000 Civic Si. It has a rebuilt B16A2, stock it's a screamer 8k redline and makes most of the power north of 6k. Injen short ram intake, not sure on brand but it has a 4-2-1 2 piece header, no cat, unknown catback with a MagnaFlow muffler and a...
  6. Tylers88

    Dat 88 All the info and pics are in the ad
  7. Tylers88

    Autometer Sport Comp Monster

    Came out of the 88, works good just don't have a need for it, was in the truck since 06 or 07. Light socket and bulb are wrong and sometimes fall out but do work, a replacement socket and bulb are about $16 total from Summit. Has a green bulb cover in it. Ground wire is about 18" power and light...
  8. Tylers88

    Tyler's snowmobile build(ish)

    Well some of you know from Facebook and the fapbox I was gifted a snowmobile last weekend. 1993 Polaris Indy XLT Special, special just means it has Fox shocks stock and not the junk throw away shocks, set of old school PSI Racing triple pipes, wired for egt gauges but gauge broke, studs and...
  9. Tylers88

    nbs rear disc parking brake shoes

    Got these for the 04 but stocks were good when I did brakes, I had the dual piston calipers rear, not sure if that matters, pay shipping and they are yours.
  10. Tylers88

    Pioneer AVIC x940bt

    Well the Impaler is gone, this won't fit the Jeep without a ton of dash mods so I'm selling my AVIC. It's in great shape overall, there is one light scratch, some minor fading on the buttons but nothing that effects performance/usage. Love this headunit but 2 cars needing tires and a newborn...
  11. Tylers88

    2004 Impala LS aka the Impaler

    This will be a very minimal "build" and will be SLOW, basically some audio and maybe making it look nice. So year I decided I wanted a work car, well had a very used Impala pop up locally. Pretty much fit my requirements of working heat and air and ran good, so I scooped it up for $1800. Its a...
  12. Tylers88

    My Jeep Rubicon

    Making a build thread for my Jeep. Brett doesn't like it, other might or might not :idgaf: it really is one of the funnest vehicles I've had. Stock specs for those that aren't familiar with them are 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4.0 I6 NSG-370 6 speed manual, 4.46 1st gear NV241 Rock-Trac tcase...
  13. Tylers88

    18x10 Wels Sidewinders 6 on 5.5"

    18x10 Weld Sidewinder-258
  14. Tylers88

    Dynomax VT

    Going to end up keeping my 04 for a while now and have been thinking about changing exhaust. I like the idea behind the muffler, quiet until you get on it just wanted to know if it works as good as advertised.
  15. Tylers88

    For Sale: IA 2004 Crew Cab LT3

    IA 2004 4WD Silverado Crew Cab LT3 Well the time has come to part ways with my 2004 Crew Cab LT3. I'm in Clarion, IA. I am asking $15,000 but for forum members I would be willing to work more with the price. I do still have a loan on it. It has about 118,200 on it, I got it at about 73K in...
  16. Tylers88

    I need a jesty sig

    I want both trucks in it, other than that go for what ever
  17. Tylers88

    Possibly the coolest 240 SX

  18. Tylers88

    mud terrain reviews/personal experience

    Figured this would be good idea since there are so many out is therelets hear your first hand experience with certain tires. Give truck specs and tire specs, miles driven etc.... I am running 285/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs on my 2004 1500 4wd crew cab, they did decent on packed snow and...
  19. Tylers88

    Torsion keys degree/color code

    I was doing some searching to find out if my 1500 keys will level my buddies GMT800 2500 non HD and found the indexing degree by the color. Fullsize trucks use 1.75" hex and S trucks use 1.5" hex so the keys are not interchangeable 15045171...4 degrees...Purple (stock 2500HD) 15657374...9...
  20. Tylers88

    nonautomotive tools that are handy to have

    I wondered if anyone else has any tools that they use that weren't meant to be automotive tools but work good. The main thing I have that I use are curved medical forceps. I have 10 pairs of them, fiance works in surgery and the none of the doctors like that style so they were going to throw...