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  1. 1clean99

    4.3 to 5.3 swap rebuild

    i picked up a 5.3 donor truck to swap into my nbs so i can finally join the cool kid v8 club. along with the swap i am planning on replacing some parts along with adding a few go faster goodies. i drive like a grandpa so i don't need anything super fast but since i am replacing some stuff i...
  2. 1clean99

    For Sale: 22" gm transport steelies

    I got one set of 22" gm 6 lug gm wheels. I don't need them anymore since I got new wheels. Just wheels no tires or center caps. I prefer to sale locally since they weigh so much. Located in north houston $450 obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 1clean99

    For Sale: Arc-9 switchbox and KP dual guages

    ok since my rebuild i have a couple parts left over. all prices do not include shipping AVS arc-9 switchbox with key lock. works fine just no longer need it $75 2 KP dual needle guages. work fine and still have the guage fittings installed on them. ONLY GUAGES for sale not console...
  4. 1clean99

    1clean99's slow ruckus build

    a over a year ago i got me a 2009 Honda Ruckus. my roommate bought a brand new one. i rode it once and it was pretty fun so i picked this one up from a local guy. thing is pretty cheap to mod and it fun to cruise around on lol this is how i bought it frame molded and shaved grabber blue...
  5. 1clean99

    1clean99's accuair rebuild

    So I finally began tearing the truck apart so I can redo my air management with accuair. Everything worked fine except for a particular valve sticking occasionally. Also picked up a welder so I can actually do some things myself lol. My to do list Install vu4 Install switch speed controller...
  6. 1clean99

    For Sale: NNBS chrome handles, mirror caps, and bumper caps

    changed all my chrome pieces to white so now they are just sitting around. i am about to move so id prefer them gone by then. they were all pulled of my truck with about 6200 miles on it. all prices are OBO. Chrome bumper caps $60- in good condition. one has tabs i bent back the best i could...
  7. 1clean99

    22" GM transport steelies

    alright i have had these sets for a few weeks but never made a thread on them. if you are closer to LA please look at CUBS thread as he has the same wheels for sale. they wheels are 6 lug 22x9 with 6" backspacing. i am in Houston and would prefer to sell locally. shipping is pricey due to...
  8. 1clean99

    22" GM Steelies

    i managed to get a set of 22" gm steelies a couple yesterday. these are pretty rare to come across being that they are suppose to be destroyed after being removed from transporting. Now trying to decide if i wanna powdercoat them white before putting them on the 99 or if i should just leave them...
  9. 1clean99

    1clean99's 2013 Sierra Crewcab build

    ok so i finally bought me a 2013 NNBS Sierra crewcab on 5/10/2013 as a daily. i still have the bagged 99 too but im thinking of going the lifted route on this. my plans: Tint Rear wheel liner remote start leveling kit denali grill denali taillights change some chrome to white paint...
  10. 1clean99

    1clean99's bagged 99 sierra

    here are some pics of my 99 sierra bagged. i used to have a build thread with a shit ton of pics but i dont feel like posting them now lol. lays frame on 22s kp 6-link powdercoated blue with flakes when i plasti dips the wheels a couple years back few interior pics. suede...
  11. 1clean99

    picked me up a 2013 Sierra yesterday

    saturday i picked me up a new crew cab sierra. as of right now i just want to level it, tint, and add the factory remote start. i still have the 99 too incase anyone is wondering on to the pics...
  12. 1clean99

    Not new to the site but active again

    hey guys so i joined here awhile back when the site first started and i guess since i hadnt got on in awhile all my threads/post were lost. here is my 99 sierra bagged i just picked up a 2013 sierra today that i will have to post pics later.