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  1. J_Corr

    Khaos' RCSB Thread

    Truck is coming together! I get 6 weeks of vacation, but like you, on call, have to respond to all emails within 24 hours, maintain files etc. Even when on vacation. At times it not even worth it. I call them posponings
  2. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    I will try to find a way to get them back up. I'm computer stupid.
  3. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Sorry looks like Photobucket doesn't allow third party hosting anymore for free...
  4. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Seeing as the car is not numbers matching, and I am looking for a clean look, what's everyone's feelings about swapping the 68 doors (split window), with 69 doors (single window)....?
  5. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Been surfing that forum since I got the car. Lots of info but everyone's opinion seems to contradict the next persons. I used to be an electrician and built several 1000+ wire, wire harnesses for industrial automated lines. Tweeking one of these shouldn't be much different. Time will tell...
  6. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Well this is what I plan on getting as I assume most of these parts will be in need of a refresh anyways. It is UMI's stage IV kit. Comes with a 2" Drop.
  7. J_Corr

    Frosty's intro to fourm and build thread!

    Looking good!
  8. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    And just cuz. If money wasn't an option, I would do this but 18's all around and 3" lower:
  9. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Well the estate came with several carbs and parts. My father used to fuck with everything so I know for sure it will need a little TLC. Getting it running would be nice. Would stop the itch from droppin in an LS.
  10. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Thanks man, been a complete ball of stress since this. A hole pile of shady shit has come out of the wood work. Once the estate is completely settled, I will start working on this. I still think it is going to need a few $k to get on the road. I know nothing about carbed car's so will prob have...
  11. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Welp as some know, my father passed away back in Nov. His estate is a complete mess and while trying to get all his affairs in order, we had a "third party" come in and completely fuck up everything. Long story short, the estate will most likely end up bankrupt now. Buuuuut, prior to that I did...
  12. J_Corr

    Another new project thread...this time AM General HMMWV

    This build scream's Murica.
  13. J_Corr

    roundsy's 2015 silverado rcsb z71 4x4

    Call me crazy or old, but I think it looked 123,394,475,965.6748303x better before the lift.
  14. J_Corr

    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Jesus, good thing you have weather techs.
  15. J_Corr

    Bought Not Built

    Haven't been on here for a while, but loving the progress.
  16. J_Corr

    roundsy's 2015 silverado rcsb z71 4x4

    I vote 4/7 drop on 22's, AWD and some sort of boost.
  17. J_Corr

    In here if you like CARS...........

    First one I actually thought looks good:
  18. J_Corr

    Post the Truck you just cant quit looking at:

    All but the last post is complete barf.
  19. J_Corr

    2014 Chevy Cruze: Budget build thread

    Thanks everyone. And yes, def needs more power! Car is a turd currently. All said and done with moderate tuning for 91, I was told I should see 160-170 to the wheels. Big improvement from the stock 120ish