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  1. J_Corr

    New to me 68 Chevelle Malibu

    Welp as some know, my father passed away back in Nov. His estate is a complete mess and while trying to get all his affairs in order, we had a "third party" come in and completely fuck up everything. Long story short, the estate will most likely end up bankrupt now. Buuuuut, prior to that I did...
  2. J_Corr

    22x10 Raclines and Toyo's

    Decided to go another route with the truck and these will no longer agree with what I am wanting to do. As some of you may know, I bought these off of Juan just over two years ago. Specs: Raceline stunnas 22x10 3 piece wheels Chrome finish 6 lug 38mm offset These wheels will...
  3. J_Corr

    Weld in Front bag mounts?

    Was on MMW's web page as I am thinking of ordering their watts link and I was also going to order their front weld in upper bag mounts but it appears they no longer offer them? Hopefully it is just a glitch in their system, but if not, where else would be a good place to get set a pair of...
  4. J_Corr

    2014 Chevy Cruze: Budget build thread

    Well as some of as you know, I had moi Diesel truck stolen about a month ago. I decided to put my big boy pants on, and suck up the fact that at this point in my life having a big heavy fuel sucking diesel truck just isn't practical. I live in the city, I take very short trips when I do drive...
  5. J_Corr

    bumper cap issues

    When I do the 06-07 clip swap the upper bumper cap never sat just right. So this am I took the bumper off, removed the cap and tried to re aline it. Well it's like the fuckingthing shunk and won't wrap around the ends? Any ideas? I'd rather not spend the $90+ shipping to :canuck: if I don't have to.
  6. J_Corr

    NON HID lighting options

    Well I'm tired of being a complete asshole and running HID's in an halogen headlight. What is everyone running for hi output halogens? I would like to match current 6K lights.
  7. J_Corr

    poor box body lines

    had the box off the truck this weekend to clean up the frame and to coat it. We put the box back on and bolted it down but now it sits 1/2" higher than the cab. Box is flush with box mounts. Only thing I can think of is the cab bolts are to tight and I never noticed it before?
  8. J_Corr

    My barrette Jackson experience.

    Well as some of you know I went Vegas for a buddies bachelor party and was there for four days. 2 Of those for days overlapped The Barrette Jackson Car Auction. We landed in Vegas at 7:30am and went straight there after checking in and downing a bottle of Honey Jack. I have seen some nice...
  9. J_Corr

    2015HD pics

    what is everyone's thoughts on these new trucks?
  10. J_Corr

    Justin's Dezol: Project Face Lift.

    Well I got tired of the colour matched and the painted denali's and have been wanting to do something about it for a while. As some of u know, when I was trying to sell my caddy clip from the bagged project, the only decent offer was a straight up trade for an 06 Silverado 2500HD and I jumped...
  11. J_Corr

    CustomGM Top 20 Fastest trucks!

    It was discussed before and not sure if someone made a thread. If so pls ignore this. If not Please post up time slips and vids if you got them and I will edit as we go. 1) welsh907 Ranger RCSB 1/4: 8.6101@ 133.35 1/8: 5.375@ 127.3 60': 1.207 2)...
  12. J_Corr

    99-02 Interior

    I have a dark charcoal interior that I am in the process of ripping out. U name it, it's yours. I am only charging shipping for :canuck: Anything that isn't gone by the end of the month is getting tossed.
  13. J_Corr

    How to: Remove rusted beat up rotors

    Found this vid and thought this would b ea good place for it...
  14. J_Corr


    When I went to pull my truck out of storage the owner of the place picked this car up in the spring. Never heard of it. He said it was only made 1.5 years (70 and 1/2 of 71). It was pulled off the parked due to religious views being it's called a DEMON. Sorry for the shitty cell pics. This...
  15. J_Corr

    half assed spring wash.

    Well it hit 50* here today so I took an hour break from studying to wash the truck. After she wash washed I said fuck it, lets for take some meh pics. U can see the swirl marks in this pic. This winter was HARSH on her. Chips everywhere and the rear quarters have been blasted to nothing...
  16. J_Corr

    99-02 lower control arms

    Looking for some OEM lower arms for my 2000 silverado. I bagged it with 4" drop DJM arms and the bump steer is terrible.
  17. J_Corr

    first attempt at candy tails.

    well I bought these used and they where scratched to shit. I sanded them down and sprayed them with rattle can. They are no where near perfect but considering I have $50 in them including paint is a pretty good deal ready for clear: After clear. Had quite a bit of orange peel so I...
  18. J_Corr

    2013 Detroit auto show. PIC HEAVY

    Never been before and man it was awesome. Saw a lot of cool vehicles and a ton of ass. Will go back. Enjoy pics... Sorry they are all from I-phone. Start with the Vette. Over all, amazing car. 2 things I don't like. The center tail lights, and the stupid LED's in the headlights. At least 50%...
  19. J_Corr

    have a Q about engines?

    Read this link first. Covers all LS engines, LQ's, etc. It's a really good read. another few good reads: 8 sec 4.8L...
  20. J_Corr

    20" TBSS rim's on r295/45r20

    Saw these and thought of Jared but pretty sure more guy's are looking. It's only an hour and a bit from me. I'm willing to check them out and talk them down ;) also...