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  1. GreyGhostz71

    JSP's 2014 6.2 High Country

    Well I ended up trading ole girl in.. Now I have a clean slate to start over with and I've learned my lesson on what to do and not to do. I didn't WANT to because I LOVED that truck but hey, it was the smarter thing to do. I also have my name on the truck to start building some credit. Anyways...
  2. GreyGhostz71

    Quick wheel shop

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  3. GreyGhostz71

    2014+ Sierra/Silverado Level Only Thread

    As the title says, post up your 2014+ trucks! I'll start with some from the other forum Sent from Tapashit
  4. GreyGhostz71

    2013 Sierra 6.2 4x4 thread

    Well guys i traded in the dmax for this 2013 gmc Sierra 6.2 SLT 4x4. It's steel gray metallic with the ebony interior. It has all the options except a sunroof which will be put in later on. I've also added a Denali grill. My stock chrome grill is up for sale in the classifieds. I absolutely love...
  5. GreyGhostz71

    NNBS trucks with lifts

    Post up your pics of NNBS trucks with 6" lifts and bigger!! (grappler don't come be a whore in this thread too :crazy: ) What kind and size lift: Tire/ wheel combo: Fender measurement(if possible): Any trimming: Other mods done to truck: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. GreyGhostz71

    2010 Dmax Z71 build thread

    First time don this so hopefully this works out 2010 chevy duramax LT Z71 with black interior Next to my old lbz (it's my dads old truck) Mods already done: AMP Research steps Window tint Leveled with shock extenders on 33" mud grapps (rides almost as good as stock) To do list...
  7. GreyGhostz71

    Cleared headlights on my dmax.

    Also New led map lights tell me wat y'all think Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. GreyGhostz71

    yup... ANOTHER gmfs guy

    so i jumped on the band wagon too. Im still gettin use to this site though. its confusing!
  9. GreyGhostz71

    Ultimate what hits/what fits, "What size tires can I run with X lift on Y truck?" !!

    You want to know what size tire you can fit on your X model year truck, with what options what lift etc, post it in here. You want to know if 285's will fit on your stock wheels, ask in here. You want to know if 37's will fit with only minor trimming and a body lift, ask in here and then go...