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    OEM Tahoe 20's. North Texas. $500

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    Led bulbs/switchbacks/resistors.

    I had all of this on my truck, got the idea to sell it, so I reverted back to stock bulbs. Well now I guess it's going to hang around awhile longer, but I don't want to go through the work of re-adding it all back in. Top 2 left are DRL's, top 2 right are switchbacks, and bottom 2 are...
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    Used DJM swaybar. Pickup in Sanger, TX.

    It was rattling against my exhaust, so I removed it. Install thread from here: You will need new U-bolts and nylon nuts to install it. As stated in title, pickup in Sanger, TX. NO SHIPPING.
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    Used RIA 1911 in 9mm. North Texas.

    Well, it's that time again. Picked up a S&W Shield a few months back, so I have no need for this RIA 1911 tactical in 9mm that's had about 4-500 rounds through it. It's a full-size 5". Comes with: - 3 Check-Mate magazine, the original magazine, and 1 Wilson Combat magazine. - Old Faithful IWB...
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    Franken AR-15. North Texas.

    SOLD. Thanks boys.
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    Driveshaft exploded.

    Welp, it happened. Just a hair over 100, driveshaft blew. Kinda scary, trucks seems fine with the exception of not going anywhere. Now just waiting for some buddies to call back and hopefully give me a tow back to Sanger :P Anyone know of a driveshaft for a 2004 silverado 1500 crew cab for...
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    Magpul PRS stock, 100rd AR magazine.

    Posting this here for 1 week before I post on THF. Both are located in Sanger, TX. FTF as far south as Gander Mountain in Lewisville, or Cabela's north of Fort Worth. WILL NOT SHIP. ANY PM'S ASKING ABOUT SHIPPING WILL BE IGNORED. AR-15 100 round twin drum magazine. Never been loaded...
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    Chevy 18's in Richardson tx

    Searching as I do for Z71 18's, came across these: 2015 tahoe chevy gmc wheels new 18"
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    Sanger/Denton area only. WTT my 20's for your z71 18's

    Just as the title says, looking to trade my OEM Tahoe 20's for your 18's. They have Pirelli 275/55 rubber on them, and I also have a set of Road Huggers, but in a slightly smaller size (can't remember it off the top of my head). I'm being honest, the Pirelli's and Road Huggers are old as hell...
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    TX: Remington Express Magnum 870 12 ga. (Tactical/Hunting)

    I'm wanting to sell my 870. It's in the tactical setup right now. Has an 18" barrel, side saddle, pistol grip stock. Hunting setup has a 27" barrel, with wood furniture to go along with it. Comes with scabbard and ammo belt. I purchased used about 2 years ago, don't shoot it anymore. Hard to see...
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    Couple of parts I'm getting rid of.

    All sold.
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    Need help on identifying what car/truck an axle goes to.

    Having some trouble finding out what an axle belongs to. Here is what I know so far. It is an 8.5" rear end/5-lug. On the axle itself is: 6TE K347 2 On the housing: M 09 22508822 8 In a different location: G M K 1 5 I'm not trying to find the ratio, just when it was...
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    Project my boss has been working on for 3 years on and off.

    It's referred to as the "Frankenstein" around here. Still has a long way to go.
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    Issue with climate control panel.

    Alright guys, I need your help. My double-din radio was having issues yesterday, so I removed it to get it tested. I was re-assembling the dash panels in a hurry, and plugged in the AC/Heater control panel (not digital) while the truck was running. Didn’t think much of it, figured I could...
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    Salvage title, but still looks good.

    Maybe new wheels:
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    Buddies headlight mod

    Buddy of mine at work got an interesting idea with the clears that are on his Dmax. Already had the bumper cap and emblem matched. I think it looks good. Probably something that would look good on white truck though, I don't think it would look good on any other color.
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    Undercover tonneau, roll pan for 04 CCSB.

    I’ve got two things for sale here; both are in Sanger, TX. First up is an Undercover tonneau cover for a 2004 Silverado CCSB. It is textured black ABS plastic I believe, some mild scratches. Shocks are in good shape, does lock and I have the key. The top itself will hold a lot of weight, I...
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    Question on upgrading to 34" radiator/electric fans.

    Hey guys I have some questions for you. I'm looking at doing the electric fans upgrade on my 2004 CC. I already have a TruCool 40k cooler installed, so the transmission fluid is not going through the radiator. I know you can get a 34" radiator from a 2500, but is it the best option for...
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    FS: Some parts that are laying around.

    Hello guys. All items are located in Sanger, TX. If you feel like a price is too high, PM me your best offer, and I may come down to it. All parts are off a 2004 Silverado 1500 CCSB. If this stuff doesn’t sell in 2 weeks or so, it’ll be thrown out. If sale is local, I may be up to giving it...
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    Led turn signals hyper flash.

    I apologize in advance if I have any spelling or grammatical errors while I type this. I'm on my phone at the moment. I'm installing led turn signals in my truck. Already did the DRLs last week with 6-ohm, 50-watt resistors. They work just fine. I wired in the same type of resistors on both...