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    For Sale: 2000-2006 Tahoe or Yukon Red/Clear Taillights - $100

    Aftermarket factory-style taillights for 2000 - 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe or GMC Yukon. Custom paint, red tint and clear coat over the amber turn signal area with VHT, no more amber color or illumination - much cleaner look. I only ran these for about 1 year before selling the truck they were on. No...
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    For Sale: 2003-2007c Yukon Denali Dash Bezel ($90) and Gauge Cluster ($140)

    OEM Yukon Denali dash bezel for '03-07c GM Trucks and SUVs. Also fits '99-02 w/ modification to the radio. In good shape, one small blemish at the bottom right of the steering column hoop where the previous owners keys hit it. Grey woodgrain, all tabs and clips intact. OEM Yukon Denali...
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    For Sale: 5.3 L59 Flex Fuel Intake Manifold w/ Injectors - $120, Throttle Body - $40

    Came off of a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3 V8 L59 Flex Fuel (VIN Z) truck engine with approximately 172,000 miles. 33lb (@50psi) flex injectors and most hardware is included. Is an OEM GM part, has SS fuel lines and a pressure regulator. No problems out of this unit, blew the engine so I have no use...
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    Adjusted's '04 Tahoe

    Hey everyone, I've been pretty quiet - lotta big changes over here. Sold two trucks within the first 10 days of 2019. The Fiancee and I made a move to Washington state for her job, and I had to cut some inventory. The Sierra's transmission popped its reverse gear (2nd trans rebuild would've been...
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    Custom 2001 Chevrolet Silverado - Bagged, Accuair, RCSB - $8500 - Grand Prairie, TX

    Custom 2001 Chevrolet Silverado $8,500 cash or money order, no lowball offers, selling to fund another project. Regular cab, short bed 4.3 V6, ~130,000mi 2nd owner, great condition, garage kept for last 10 years All black exterior, grey cloth interior with captains chairs and jumper seat w/...
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    1990 K5 Blazer Stereo Wiring Help

    Every bit of wiring the previous owner touched on this truck is all kinds of wrong. Ever since I got the truck, the stereo turns off when I turned on the headlights, and after wiring the headlights correctly....the radio does not turn on at all. I went in yesterday to fix the wiring and get some...
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    20" 8-lug Weld Dunes - Dallas/FTW CL

    I cant, but someone should - $1700
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    Returning NBS to stock - Lift spindles, blocks, control arms, stereo, etc.

    Over the next few months I will be slowly returning my 2007 Sierra Classic's suspension (and a few other things) to stock form so I can sell it and use my current wheels and tires on the '14+ Silvy. Prepping for a possible dealer trade so I'd like to have it as stock appearing as possible, the...
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    Passenger side header rubbing on frame rail

    It is going to be gorgeous outside the next few days and I have a free weekend so I'm going to get a few things done to the Sierra that have been building up. One of my issues is that, starting around the time I put on the 243 heads, the passenger side header rubs on the frame rail right as it...
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    Adjusted's 1990 K5 Blazer Project

    Have been on the lookout for a new (another) project for the last 5 months or so. I wanted something different from the bagged '01 this time. I feel like I cant take it anywhere, get afraid to leave in in a parking lot, drive it on non-paved roads, take it to the river/tailgating/etc after all...
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    Show me your bright reverse lights and non-HID fog lights

    Pictures and specs. What ya got, LEDs, fancy halogen? I am looking for something that will color match 5000k HIDs and maybe a 3000k option.
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    20" Centerline Snipers, perfect shape - San Antonio, TX - $500

    Selling a set (4) of 20" Centerline Snipers because I bought a different set of wheels for the Sierra. The wheels are in great shape, zero scuffs or curb-rashes, I have never had an issue balancing them, and the faces still polish up perfectly. They look great on some all-terrains, or on a...
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    brandon750 and Tukn4s

    Bought a buffer from brandon750, was still new in box like he said. Great deal and fast shipping! Bought a Denali bezel from Tukn, flawless transaction and part as described like always. Thanks guys!
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    Front Windshield Tint

    Who has their shield tinted, and to what percentage? I am pretty set on giving it a try on the Sierra then maybe the Silvy, but not sure If i want to go 35% or 50% - definitely no darker than 35. What'd you pay? Pics and your opinion/experience would be helpful. Also, to those who have...
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    Pontiac Torrent brake issue

    Asking about this for a friends vehicle. Trying to fix a brake issue on an 09 Pontiac Torrent (basically a 1st gen Equinox) and I cannot figure it out, i worked on this sort of thing at GM for years and am totally stumped. Ive driven it for a bit and the brakes work fine, the vehicle stops...
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    3200 - 3600 torque converter

    Rebuild is in the works for my 4l60e, and im trying to get parts together for it. Does anyone have a 3200, 3400, or 3600 stall they are looking to sell (would rather stay on the 3200 side)? Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    Shock mount conversion - Eyelet to Stem adaptor

    I am having a hard time finding decent shocks for my 07 2wd. It has 3" spindles, and 1.5" coil spacers up front - so pretty much just stock with a spacer. I would like to run bilstein 5100s or Fox 2.0s but neither have a t-bar to stem design that will fit my needs. Have you guys had any luck...
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    Speaker whine

    I have an aftermarket Alpine h/u hooked up to my OEM Bose system with a PAC interface and for the past month or so i have been getting some WICKED whine through my speakers. I have re-wired the power/grounds to every audio harness, made sure the speaker harness wires werent loose or crossing too...
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    Replacement A/C compressor parts.

    The 01's A/C has been out for awhile now, and between that and not running any tint it makes it day cruises kind of a beating. There is no doubt that the compressor is the issue, when the pulleys are turning I can hear that its guts came apart at some point. The work is easy, but there is a...
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    I need a quieter muffler

    I am currently running a 22" Magnaflow DI/DO and it has gotten a tad too loud for a DD in my opinion. Its behind a 5.3 with long tubes, ORY w/o cats, a small cam, pipes exiting before the bumper, and 243 heads - so the exhaust note has gone from deep and fairly mellow when I had nothing but an...