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  1. 06_LowTie

    Dem Fire Chickens doe!

    ok so my old man works at the port of Wilmington and they get all the new cars in before the dealers even know about em.. He just sent me a picture of these beauties, hopefully they put em into production cause they look bad ace! (sorry for crappy pics... hes not camera friendly) Gonna try to...
  2. 06_LowTie

    Rusty Graveyards

    I always like going to old car junkyards or even when i read news about em i get excited so this is the spot for that. I always find cool articles when they come around cause people share the post on my wall or tag me in it so i figured id share with you guys too. Photos of a traffic jam stuck...
  3. 06_LowTie

    Honda 400ex

    08 Honda 400ex with reverse, bought brand new as an 08 left over from Powersports East in January 2011. The quad only had 4 tanks of gas ran threw it, it has less then 15 hours on the motor, the factor paint marks are still on the tires. Sporty white and black theme. It has a slip on exhaust...
  4. 06_LowTie

    to trade or not to trade?

    Ok so i just got these 18in GMC's from Dynamatt and my buddy just got a brand new truck Saturday he seen my chrome ones and liked em... he wants to trade me wheel for wheel no money trade just straight up... what do you guys think? my wheels wheels on his truck
  5. 06_LowTie

    tire size?

    Ok so bought newer GMC 18' wheels for truck, i noticed that the newer trucks come with a little beefier side wall which i don't want... was wondering what size sidewall i should go with. My truck came with 17' steelies but i forget what the tire size was... should i just figure that out and the...
  6. 06_LowTie

    Truck feels like it has no bawls

    Ok so before i even hear shit about it i know its a V6 and it doesn't have any bawls anyway but it still feels like it loses power from time to time when im driving, but heres the problems... sometimes when i go to start it up it acts like it doesn't have any fuel going in and takes longer to...
  7. 06_LowTie

    Fuel pump

    Will a NBS Tahoe fuel pump work on a NBS truck, it looks like it has the same connectors and the same 3 tubes that run to the lines but will it actually work?
  8. 06_LowTie

    NBS flip and notch and 2 belltech shocks

    Just gonna keep my truck at 4/4 right now, prolly gonna bag it later on down the road so here we go.... Brand new McG's notch with a McG's flip kit and 2 of the lowering belltech shocks for the rear... everything you need $225 + shipping and its yours From bear delaware 19701
  9. 06_LowTie

    Positive camber

    So i did my shocks and lower ball joints on the front of my truck and im about to do the rear notch and flip but i noticed it has positive camber (Truck has DJM Lower control arms for a 4in drop) do i have to go get my tires re-aligned? It has the factory coil springs (which i was planning on...
  10. 06_LowTie

    smooth bumper cap

    I need that shit, anyone got one for sale or no anyone that has one for sale or knows where to get one?, can be any color cause i gotta get some other stuff painted as well just need smooth cap.
  11. 06_LowTie

    color match

    can someone color match front bumper cap, mirrors, and handles for me pweasee
  12. 06_LowTie

    *22" GM transport steelies ok been lookin at em and now I want a set, but cant friggin find em! I need help anyone know where I can get a set !?
  13. 06_LowTie

    82 Virago Bobber

    Ok so there's this older chick at work and she fell and hurt herself so she wants to get rid of her bike. Its a 1982 Yamaha Virago (ugly as shit stock) and she said she'll sell it to me for $300... It runs good just isn't tagged cause she said there's no point since she cant ride it. Figured id...
  14. 06_LowTie

    Fuel gauge dropping down to empty when stopped

    OK so yesterday i was driving and every time i stopped at a red light my fuel gauge would drop down to empty and the light would come on.... when i took off and started driving again it went back up to a 1/4 tank... but it also threw my check engine light on. When i started it up this morning...
  15. 06_LowTie

    photography lighting kits

    Dunno if i should post this in the lounge or here, figured in here since its about photos... well XMas is comin up and my girl has her own photography business and she wants these light stands that help the image of the picture come out brighter, Ive looked up some brands and noticed that alot...
  16. 06_LowTie

    still need a sig!?

    took a couple rolling shots when heading down to OC.... would like to make this into a signature, if anyone can help
  17. 06_LowTie

    found a better pic for my sig if anyone can help me out!

    if i can get kickass background behind it and level the truck out a lil better, and then put my name at the top plz!
  18. 06_LowTie

    In need of sig!

    Needs help with a sig! Dont really want Ginger to make me one cuz dont need a huge yellow cack on the side of my truck but ill take what i can get, aha just need a new sig, with my name in a cool ass font or somthing and then i guess cut the pic down a lil idkk work your magic.
  19. 06_LowTie

    Hyundai Veloster?

    Sooooo my girl needs a new car.. she was lookin at the Kia Optima but then she saw a lil Kia Rio which is a hatchback (she wasnt really into hatch backs till she saw that) it was a nice lil car and everything but we went onto the Hyundai lot and she fell in love with this lil guy... pretty bad...
  20. 06_LowTie

    A/C Probz? need help

    The A/C in my damn truck isnt working, i usually dont use it but figured id try it the other day just incase one of them hot days decides to happen... turned it on and the compressor doesnt kick on. Didnt check the freon yet but figured id ask on here to see if the level of freon should matter...