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    Sylvania Zevo LED bulbs

    Do you have pictures of the 3000k one? Do you think itd be better for a reverse light or ?
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    Sylvania Zevo LED bulbs

    These pretty much blow any cree led that I have bought from ebay out of the water. They are very affordable too.
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    Sylvania Zevo LED bulbs

    Been running some ebay led bulbs for the my reverse lights for a while. Found some really nice bulbs at Autzone for 35.00 for the pair. But couldnt find any info on them. But a guy on ebay had some used ones for 20 bucks. He didnt like how white they were but wanted them to be more blue. O.o...
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    For Sale: OEM Denali Headlights

    I have a pretty much brand new set of bowls/projectors from mine for when I did the retro for who ever buys these as well.
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    For Sale: McGaughy's Lowering Spindles 33002 17+ Never installed brand new

    Alrighty. When I go to the storage unit today I will grab a pic of them.
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    For Sale: McGaughy's Lowering Spindles 33002 17+ Never installed brand new

    McGaughy's Lowering Spindles 33004 17+ Never installed brand new San Antonio Tx Being that I might be getting a newer gmc or burban. I dont have any need for these anymore. Brand new and never installed McGaughy's Lowering Spindles 33002. 17"+ set 240.00 shipped. FIRM
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    Adams Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

    Best stuff :read:
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    Hard water on le toolbox.

    if its polished go about it like this... Metal Polishing Detailing Video then seal it with either or of these 2... Glaze and Sealant Application with dual action polisher Video Applying Adam's Quick Sealant Detailing Video
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    Leatherique-leather cleaner review

    you actually bought something expensive? :scared: :crazy:
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    Cleared and Blacked GMC headlights

    Not bad imo... But you can get the depo Denali black housings for like 140 shipped. Then when your ready to do a retrofit. 180 more and your done.
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    Dat Morimoto Retrofit

    ordered the MORIMOTO MINI H1 5.0 today. I hope itll come in before the weekend. ready to get this done :lol:
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    Dat Morimoto Retrofit

    5k is cool like color, and 4300k is "warm" imo
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    Dat Morimoto Retrofit

    Got my plates in... gonna call trs tomorrow and order the mini's and the h1 5k bulbs to match the 5k fogs... gonna see how much theyd take off if they dont include the shrouds. cause I wont need them...
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    Ri22o denali retro plates

    Got them on Sat as he said. AWESOME... Cant wait to order the Mh1s now...
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    Tires opinions

    A few locals run toyos, nittos, and or geolandars and they like them all.
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    Dat Morimoto Retrofit

    Where would you need to apply the silicone to seal these up and etc? Anyone have the 4300k, and 5k side by side?