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  1. Ricardo

    07 CCSB Slow Turbo Build ("Richy")

    07 CCSB Slow Turbo Build ("Richy") Hey guys decide to do a thread about what's going to be happening to my truck soon and also haven't been active lately. Stock Bottem End 4.8 S476/87 Bullseye turbo Custom Grind Cam 243/799 Heads Nnbs intake Id1000 injectors 4l80e swap Pi3600...
  2. Ricardo

    Throttle Body issues!

    03 Tahoe I'm getting a reduce engine power code. Changed out the throttle body for a new one had the throttle body codes deleted because it was rev up to high got it all fixed up drove it home no problem what so ever next day turn it on drove it about a mile and again reduce engine power came...
  3. Ricardo

    Truetrac & Rebuild kit

    Selling My Detroit Truetrac GM 10 Bolt 8.5"/8.6" Comes With Master Rebuild Kit. $460 plus shipping! Location: Oklahoma City Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ricardo

    Fog light harness

    Anybody know where I can order a fog light harness for my 06 gmc sierra? I tired ebay but no luck
  5. Ricardo

    Nnbs intake

    Intake is complete has fuel rail, Injectors, tb and sensors Location - Oklahoma City Price- $280 obo FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ricardo

    Djm control arms

    Selling djm upper control arms fits gm 99-07 classic trucks were installed and remove still like new. Location: Oklahoma City Price: $200 firm! Free shipping!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ricardo

    Best pistons for lq4

    Just got a 6.0 lq4 block and getting it cleaned up what pistons do you guys recommend putting on. Will at least be spraying a 200 shot. Not looking to bore just want some better pistons to hold spray or should I not even bother changing them.
  8. Ricardo

    2014 gmc grill

    Location: Oklahoma City, Ok Price:$180 Plus shipping Condition: New Posting this for my cousin he works at a dealer ship and he's trying to sell it has some scratches but it's new. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ricardo

    4.10s Richmond Gears

    Location: Oklahoma City, Ok Price:$150 Plus shipping Condition: New GM 8.5" 4.10 Ring and Pinion Richmond Excel Gear Set GM85410 - Ron's Machining Service
  10. Ricardo

    Help me choose gears ?

    So I'm in the process of buying gears but not sure which to go with. I kinda have my mind set on 3 gears it's between 3.73 3.90 or 4.10 help me choose the right gears for me
  11. Ricardo

    HID Problem!

    I have the Morimoto kit from the retro fit source. Okay about two days ago my driver side hid started flickering even while the truck is off any ideas what I connect wrong ? Any help would appreciated
  12. Ricardo

    For Sale: 2000 Ford SVT Lighting

    2000 Ford Lighting for sale. Asking price: $11000 Location: Oklahoma City, Ok Truck is not mine helping a friend sell it. Truck has everything a lighting has also has cams but don't really know price is what he's asking but the lost he'll take is $10.500 also please forgive me for the ugly ass...
  13. Ricardo

    20 " factory chevy wheels 2013

    Might jump on these myself wat y'all think? 20 " FACTORY CHEVY WHEELS 2013
  14. Ricardo

    Someone who is willing to do it, Can I has a sig plz!

    I know pictures aren't that good but can someone work with this?
  15. Ricardo

    weird noise when braking.

    I have a weird noise when braking it cant be my brake pads cause i just replaced them it only happens occasionally its started ever seens i drop mi truck. Its not a squeaking noise it more like when a bus brakes noise or similar to it help plz! Thanks, Ricardo
  16. Ricardo

    For Sale: Belltech Shock Extension Kit

    First time doing this so bear with me, Location: Oklahoma City, Ok Price:$50 Condition: New I just open them to take picture still brand new in box. Picture
  17. Ricardo

    Luck much?

    Lucky GTR - TX2K12 via @youtube
  18. Ricardo

    Adding fog lights

    I'm wanting to connect my fog light to my stock switch what all will I need to do I would like to control my fog lights w my stock not w after market one. As of right know thats how I turn them on w my after market switch truck didn't come w fogs I add them my self, any help would be...
  19. Ricardo

    Important!: Candy gone wrong!

    Please help did a somewhat hard coat on it waited a 30 mins came out in this happened!
  20. Ricardo

    Important!: What would you do?

    Probably a dumb topic BUT! I want your opinion what would Yu do first? & why 1. 5/7 Drop 2. Blow Through 3. 22" Tahoe Replicas