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    Obs scsb flip kit pics

    Anyone running 275/55/20s. Looking for some pics of a 3/6, 3/8 drop and 5/8 drop! Thanks Here she is with a 3/4 drop
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    Replacing u joint in 95 sierra

    Alright I need a refresher on this.. Can hear it popping just like on my old s10 I had. I remember it was a pita to change them on it. So what's the easiest and quickest way to do it? 95 single cab!
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    1995 single cab short bed spindles

    Will drop spindles off a 2 door Tahoe fit my single cab? I know xcab and dually are different spindles, wasn't sure on tahoes??
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    Looking for a few obs parts

    I picked up a 95 Sierra last month it's got 3" springs in front the guy said, not really sure if they are though. The back has something I'm not familiar with that lowers the front leaf spring mounts to drop them, says its 4" in back and I don't think so.. I would like to put spindles on the...
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    New project build

    I found a 97 silverado short bed single cab for 1500$ has 180k on it. I had a ford lightning 480hp so big difference but I'm ok with the hp change, but do want something dependable I won't be scared to drive a hour or so trip and make it home, or stop and go traffic. Reason I sold my lightning...
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    Wanted: Looking for drop parts

    07 Sierra looking for drop parts, link what you have pic and price please. I'm in Waco tx can meet up or pay shipping.
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    Help with stance

    Getting a 07 sierra reg cab short bed soon its stock and 22s, sits extremely high even asked him if it was lifted. I work at a apt complex so go over speed bumps a lot, I know the bumper sits lower than the rest of the truck so worried about hitting it. I had a ford lightning before it had a 3/5...