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  1. kidskr3w

    Original radio

    Hey guys, so I have a 92 obs Silverado. It has an after market stereo where the old cassette player used to be and that one I don’t use cause I use a Bluetooth speaker that connects to the lighter port, but I wanted to hook the original radio back up just to use the clock and have the lights...
  2. kidskr3w

    93 Silverado bad valve?

    So I’m thinking of buying a 1993 Silverado this Thursday. The owner said it has a burnt valve because the engine misfires. I rode in it today and it drove but I really didn’t know if it was messed up or not. He said it kept skipping or stuttering, misfiring but I couldn’t tell to be honest. But...
  3. kidskr3w

    Interior Design

    I have bought an early 99 Silverado recently and I’m really interested in updating the interior such as door panels and dash if possible. The first picture is the one my truck has with the manual handle to roll down the window. I’d like to switch to electric. If this is possible I was wondering...
  4. kidskr3w

    HOod sitting too low

    hello, I recently purchased an early 99 Silverado and the hood is sitting lower than the fenders on both sides when I close it shut. You can see it in the photo I’ve provided, is there I way I can fix this?