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  • Hi - Im doing the same 4/7 mcg's drop as you with 275/45/20 tires on my 2009 RCSB. No rear frame notch at this time. Does yours have any tire rubbing or does the rear end hit the frame often as my set up will be almost identical to yours. What about the need to notch the bed under the rear axel. Appreciate any advise Thanks, Don
    Just now seeing this.....When I had the 275/45's it didn't rub at all from what I can remember, it did smack frame at times in the rear though depending on road conditions/what I was hauling but not enough to notch anything. I still haven't notched anything to this day but I do have some spots on my rear inner fenders from where things have bottom out and rubbed with my 275/55's.
    Thanks very much, I will stick with 275/45/20 given your experience
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    quick question, looking at mcg's drop kits on and the only kit listed for a wt v6 is a 2/4 drop kit. Which kit did you use?
    hey bro, how do i upload pictures? i keep getting an error message, and it keeps saying my files are too big
    Thanks man. I'm definitely going to watch it and see if I can find one for the other side at a decent price as well.
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