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    NBS tahoe bagged, bodied, billets

    Trying to load pics and forgot how. To show you laid out the camber isn’t what you’re thinking and aired up the same. The thing handled like it was on rails. My buddy Steve McGaughy (McGaughy suspension) helped design and set up the rear. And this was like 13 years ago.
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    NBS tahoe bagged, bodied, billets

    Sorry, I know it’s and older post in the thread. But I did an IRS on one of my SEMA builds in 08 with 15” wide wheels (first pair of Raceline 24x14/15). The axles / CV’s were short as hell but after having them heat treated and properly made (used a GTO rear end with some up grades) it handled...
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    NBS Part Out

    Any interior left? I know hood is gone but how about rest of front end (looking to maybe change one of my Chevy’s to a GMC front end) grill, lights, fenders, bumper etc...
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    Misc NBS Part Cleanout

    Thanks for reply. Someone broke into one of my trucks and ripped the seat when they yanked the dash bezel off. Just gonna have to buy a new one. Actually, been looking for pictures of your lowered Yukon. It’s sounds nice but the pics never show up.
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    2014 GMC Sierra Partout

    See that this is an old post. However, didn’t see any replies. Still have?
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    Another bought not built thread

    Sorry I know thread is old as hell. But I think I remember this truck parked a couple down from me at SEMA 09. But it had chrome wheels. Don’t remember how to do pics. Remind me and I’ll show what I have. If you care 2 years later. Mine was the black 08 Silverado with first set of Raceline...
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    NBS 99 07 interior thread

    Sorry to post in an old (3) years old thread. But, just finished reading the thread. The USB, it’s a strait replacement. In my nbs Tahoe I have (2) charging points, in the console, I left one alone and with the other ran the dual USB and hooked them to my deck so you can run Apple CarPlay off...