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    3/6 drop and alignment

    I'm going to be using control arms for the front and yah I will probably get it aligned within a week and not use the truck during the week just in case
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    3/6 drop and alignment

    I'm going to be dropping my truck with a 3/6 drop this weekend or the next and was wondering if it needs to be towed to an alignment shop or would I be fine going 10-20 miles in it ? It's a 2011 silverado regular cab
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    Static NNBS (GMT-900 07-13)

    I think it would've looked better with just the bar colormatched like this truck
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    Discussion: 2011 HD Swap Info and Pics

    yeah just dont tell usefullhp that you are putting it on a 1500 i bought mine and was going to buy a white colormatched one .....he proceeded to tell me it wouldnt fit and never replied to me again .....
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    I am new here

    came over from GMFS after shit went down the drain :rock: