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    SDM Build Thread

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    Noisy front end on 4x4 15Silverado

    tell it to shhhh
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    2016 ATS-V

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    Its likely Sam has won salegay of the year

    Its likely Sam has won salegay of the year
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    SDM Build Thread

    Needs more solar panels for that
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    SDM Build Thread

    Fridge drawer is pretty neat
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    2020 Silverado HD Revealed

    The 3/4 view at 1:10 isnt bad. But straight dead on front view at 1:16 immediately changed my mind.
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    Tiki's truck thread

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    2020 Seirra HD Revealed

    :facepalm: Those fkn mirrors. And they put marker lights in the plastic fender moldings. Duramax 445 hp and 910 lb-ft of torque. Tow up to 30k pounds.
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    SDM Build Thread

    Sweet ATM machine. Now you can grab bengi's while youre up the mountains.
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    Important!: LSX370 Build for Mullet Mobile

    You drunk? I hve no idea what youre talking about.
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    Ram replacement...2003 Duramax

    OEM flares FTW
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    SDM Build Thread

    Dude, you cant even complain about that shit because you HAD TO FUCKING KNOW when you bought that GIANT ASS MONSTROSITY that it was going to be a HUGE PAIN IN THE DICK to clean, maintain, etc etc