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    01 Sierra Build

    bill is this a different truck then the last one you built?
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    port and polish 5.3

    let a professional do it on a truck as new as yours. yes it will have some performance gains but would be better with more mods in my opinion. its not so much the polishing that does the work but the porting. polishing is just to make it look good. if you do some research you will find that...
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    question on a bracket-rear hanger

    hum jared will you have to put in a small notch to have clearance?
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    Discussion: OBS E-Fan mod

    looking good
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    My 03z-71...still a work in progress

    looking good broski
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    Shreveport Boys Roll Shots

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    Issues with Truck

    weird you wouldnt think that if the alternator was working properly that the battery being bad would not allow it to run. but now if the battery was shorting out internally could understand that.
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    6.5L tow rig?

    the 454 and the 6.5 that i drove seemed similar but the 6.5 did make better milage and the turbo helped it tow a little better but the 454 was a solid performer
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    6.5L tow rig?

    my 454 did good with a load it made 10-13 consistantly. and i found it towed just as good as a stock 6.5L...... if i would go diesel tow rig it would be an old dodge with a cummins.
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    Stuffed Truck Thread

    thought i was in this one already guess not. both on 35s
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    My VHT Smoking Tails Experience

    really this shit again...............
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    Anyone familier with Aero Turbine mufflers?

    aeroturbine mufflers are awesome wish i would have went with one on my ram the 3030 would sound really nice. still thinking of getting the 3535 for my 6.0 but who knows at this point.
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    Post your offroad/mudding Pic's

    subscribed i dont have any to add right now!