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    New Canadian

    That's CGM for ya. All warm, fuzzy and full of tingly :lol:
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    Your vehicles as they sit now!

    Thanks Cam! :wave: Thank you, sir. She's coming along :)
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    New Canadian

    You're every where!!! :D
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    Whats Up

    Welcome over man :wave:
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    Your vehicles as they sit now!

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    Tukn4's face lift of these days would do a really crap mod so that we can point and laugh??? Just once dude lol Looks awesome!!! :)
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    2014 Silverado/Sierras

    That white one looks good!!
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    post pix of the 454ss

    Love 454SS trucks!! Nice!
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    Yates's Duramax

    I was just being stupid and whoring up Yates' thread :D
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    My 2007 Burb (quick overview)

    The billet bowtie on the front started corroding so I needed to do something about it Before If you look close here you can see the biggest corrosion spot below the chrome plating After 3 coats of primer, 5 coats of color and 3 coats of clear
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    Neglected bagged truck

    That's a beautiful color!!!
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    My Bagged '92 GMC ecsb build thread

    Wow!!! When you were static I thought it was perfect but I've been proven wrong! Now it's perfect :)
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    Yates's Duramax

    What's going on here???
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    The new 6.2L.. Back in a Silverado!

    Those lights look awesome Robbie!!!
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    For Sale: 1984 Chevrolet C/K Pickup 3500

    beautiful truck!!!! :drool: