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Discussion in 'Photos' started by Andrew., Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Wbroach85

    Wbroach85 New Member

    How is that Mcgaughy's treating you I've been eying that one for my 05', what did the front look like before the spacers that kit comes with some CV spacers did it just bring them back out to where it was suppose to be?
  2. jonmx477

    jonmx477 Active Member

  3. hmchazlett

    hmchazlett New Member

    2014 Silverado LT rcsb 5.3L
    2/3 drop with spindles and shackles
    Joe Gibbs 20" wheels wrapped in Nitto 420s
    Magnaflow cat back exhaust
    6.2L intake manifold with 6.2L TB
    Diablo Tuner


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  4. Kase

    Kase Member

    What size tire?

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  5. TwistedWrangler

    TwistedWrangler Active Member


    2005 1500 crew cab silverado 2wd
    2/4 McG economy drop
    2" Springs in front
    Adjustable flip kit in rear (4,5 or 6 inch)
    No notch but only have about an inch between bump stop and frame so may have to later

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  6. WildChevys

    WildChevys In Valor There Is Hope

    4.5" Zone lift with 3" rear block instead of the 4"
    305/55 Toyo AT2
    20x10 Provas

    Summer setup:
    33x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
    22x10 AF Grips
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