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Discussion in 'Photos' started by Andrew., Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Smith

    Smith Super Moderator Staff Member

  2. Gannon

    Gannon That Guy

    2000 GMC Sierra sle

    2" spindles, 2" drop coils (soon to be 3")
    6" flip kit, 2" drop shackles

    20" of ugly rims with 275/45



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  3. Dakota

    Dakota Dat Static 4wd

    Changed some stuff since these pictures
    Truck now has colormatched upper bumper cap, cleared headlights, esky handles, painted black lower valance, k&n Cai and 275/45s all around, also added 3" drop blocks and helper sits 5/9 with 15 psi in the helpers
    Billet antenna on the way
  4. Colyn.

    Colyn. Acrophobic

    2005 Silverado CCSB

    Colormatched - Grille, Handles, Mirrors, Bumpers
    Gloss Black Bowtie
    Gloss Black Grille Inserts
    Factory Bumper Inserts
    Black Valance
    Fully Debadged/Demolded
    GMC Tails
    Tint - 5% Strip, 20% Fronts, 5% Rears

    6/8 Drop
    2" McG Spindles
    4" Coils
    6" Belltech Flip Kit
    2" McG Shackles
    Belltech Street Performance Shocks
    AVS Underbed Stepnotch
    Boxed & Bridged Frame
    Minitubbed & Rolled Fenders
    Sectioned/Raised Trans Crossmember

    20" LTZ Wheels w/ 275/45's Tires

    Sony Speakers
    USASpec iPod Factory Interface

    BlackBear 87 Tune
    K&N FIPK 57 Series
    Bassani Exhaust
    Transgo 1-2 Corvette Servo

    Most recent picture..


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  5. Alecks

    Alecks Well-Known Member

    2009 ECSB Silverado 1500 2WD
    2.5" TGC - 20x10 Hostages - 33" Trail Grapps
    Colormatched, heads cleared, debadge/mold, 5k LEDs errwhere
    Airaid MIT + K&N drop-in
    Single straight pipe dual dumped to 5" tips, stock cats (headers and muff soon)
    Stock tune for now, BBP tune meet in June in Houston
  6. lowlife08

    lowlife08 Well-Known Member

    2012 silverado cc 6.2
    front fender measurement. just under 16"
    rear fender measurment. just over 15 1/2"
    24" kmc slides 275/30
    airaid intake
    borla xr1 muffler
    35% tint windshield 5% all other windows

    ltz dash swap
    pioneer avic z130bt, focal 165 krx2's, focal 165 v 30's, jl hd750/1, jl hd600/4, jl 10w7


    TILLER Well-Known Member

    2011 silverado 5.3 4x4
    fts 7 powdered candy teal as well as tow hooks
    20x12 fuel octanes with 35x12.50x20 toyo mts
    4.56s front and rear
    Volant cai
    Magnaflow si/do dumped on either side of receiver hitch
    Tuned by blue thunder 2 racing
    Cleared heads
    Color matched bow tie, handles, and tail gate handle
    LEDs in all dome lights,reverse lights and license plate light
    Pioneer 4400 indash Polk components on a 600 watt Polk amp and 2 Memphis 10's running on an alpine.
  8. Tylers88

    Tylers88 3 GM's and a Jeep


    2004 Silverado 1500 crew 4x4
    Rough Country level with 3" block and shocks(awesome deal on it barley used thanks again Fogle)
    285/70R17 Goodyear MT/R, good tire does suprisingly well in the snow ride decent and sound fucking sweet
    Painted grille mesh and lower valance satin black, bedlined bowtie after a switcheroo with D1nman
    Cleared lights, debadge/demold
    Cherry Bomb Extreme with stock tailpipe cut off even with frame
    Had 20% tint but peeled it after 2 tickets at $127.50 each :nono:
    Smoked tails

    Hopefully soon truck will completely change, stay about the same hieght but have some big plans for it
  9. Cuban.

    Cuban. le Cubes

    98 k1500
    Cranked to level
    Nbs 17's

    That's about it. Lame.

  10. TILLER

    TILLER Well-Known Member


    2012 Sierra crew
    Leveled on stockers
    Color matched errything
    Cleared heads
    Lame and slow
  11. Jared

    Jared Administrator Staff Member

    2004 Sierra crew
    pos 5.3
    pos coilovers
    pos everything
  12. bayousam

    bayousam Well-Known Member


    2011 GMC Sierra 1500 cc "Bayou Edition"
    MCG 4/6 on belltech sp shocks and struts
    24" Bonspeed Huntington's 24x9 front 24x10 rear
    295/30 Toyo Proxes ST-II in rear
    275/30 Toyo Proxes4 in front
    Dutchman Motorsport narrowed axles
    Painted Tails
    Painted Chrome
    Denali 2500 front end
    Cleared heads
    FXR retrofitted projectors with morimoto HID's
    Pioneer 7" doubledin
    2 Sundown audio 10's in sub thump box with 1600 watt Orion amp

    Coming soon...bagged by NFamus
  13. WildChevys

    WildChevys In Valor There Is Hope

    Zone 4.5" lift with added 1.5" readylift spacer
    295/55/20 Trail Grapps
    20x9 BMF pvd reprs

  14. Dakota

    Dakota Dat Static 4wd

    More updates since this post
    cleared oem lights
    Billet spike antenna
    Black border tails
    Fully colormatched
    Nbs esky shifter
    Denali grab bar
    Pioneer avh 4500bt double din
    Pinstriped hood (done by me)
    Added 3" djm arms and went back to stock keys for 6/9.5
    Volant cai box
    More ltzs with white bowties on 245/50/20s
    Shaved gate will be on soon
  15. Fiesty

    Fiesty Active Member

    Bored bump
  16. Fiesty

    Fiesty Active Member

    2000 z71 1500
    Full HD front end conversion
    Color matched red n shit
    RC leveling keys, Zone 1.5" bl, stock 2" block. Fenders 4/f40
    18" Moto Metal 962 +0 offset. 33/12.50/18 Toyo MT
    Truxedo low pro QT, GM drop in liner
    Black B pillar vinyl. 5% on all windows except 12% rear, 35% whole shield, 5% brow
    Morimoto 6000k HIDs, Rigid industries flush mount cubes in rear bumper, LEDs everywhere
    LMM cab lights, escalade antenna delete, 04+ taillights, clear bumper lights! polished bow tie
    LSx tailgate badge

    LQ4 6.0l swap
    TSP220 cam .112 lsa
    PAC 1218 valve springs
    Texas Speed 7.4" hardened push rods
    Ported LS6 oil pump
    LS2 timing setup
    Ported n polished throttle body
    Spectre intake
    05+ oem e-fans
    Nelson harness
    ASP underdrive crank pulley
    ASP overdrive alt pulley, 2500HD 145a alternator
    CalSpeed longtube headers, ory, 18" bullet, Aeroturbine 3030xl, 4" dmax tailpipe, 6" tip dumped over axle

    Stock 4l60e
    Yank TT3000 stall
    Corvette servo
    TruCool 40k trans cooler

    Soon to have TBSS intake, 90mm tb, SS engine cover, trans temp cluster.

  17. BigBoi

    BigBoi Well-Known Member

    Bumping this thread for new members.

    98 Silverado (Cheyenne)
    4/6 drop (actually 3/6)
    Wrangler wheels
    1.5" spacers
    255/60 Nitto Crosstek
    Clear headlights/turns
    LED tails/third brake
    Chrome smoothie bumper
    LED tag lights

    [​IMG][​IMG](door is open, disregard door jam stickers)
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  18. Fiesty

    Fiesty Active Member


    2002 LB7 Duramax, 4x4, 140k

    Colormatched front end/mirrors
    Esky handles
    5% tint
    Recon cab lights
    Morimoto 6000k HIDs, vleds switchbacks
    20x10 Hostile Havoc
    285/50 Falken WildPeaks
    Key bolts out, 3" drop shackles, overloads removed
    Truxedo LowPro, SwingCase toolbox
    Spyder taillights
    NNBS 2500HD badges

    AFE intake, PPE boost valve, muffler delete, efi live w/ dsp5 switch
    5" tip dumped over axle

  19. WildChevys

    WildChevys In Valor There Is Hope

    updated specs:
    Zone 4.5" with readylift 2.25" leveling kit. 6.75" total front lift
    295/55/20 Nitto Trail Grapps
    20x10 Gear 737s

  20. Bootstrap

    Bootstrap :nosewhat:


    Updated Specs
    McGaughy's 7-9"
    Zone Offroad 3" BL
    37x13.50x20 Toyo MT
    20x12 XD Diesels
    FFR Heim Steering
    Cognito Steering Supports
    Full Throttle Suspension 7" Leaf Springs
    Bilstein 5150's (rear)
    2x 10" Totron bars (bumper)
    20" Totron bar (valence)
    3x3" Totron cubes (rear bumper)
    Roll n' Lock tonneau
    Cleared Denali Headlights, Morimoto conversion, Orange Demon Eyes
    All stock bulbs replaced with LED/ Switchbacks
    Spectre CAI
    HPTuners custom tune
    US Standard 4.88 gears front and back
    Valu Trac LSD
    2" spacers (rear)
    1/4" spacers (front)
    Pioneer Double Din
    DB Drive S7 Okur speakers
    DB Drive A5 1200.1 Amp
    Pheonix Gold Bass cube
    MTX Thunderform box
    2x 10" Kicker CVR subwoofers
    Full length console swap with Denali lid
    Cherry Bomb Extreme, 5" Tip dumped over axle

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff.

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