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Discussion in 'San Antonio' started by DemoN, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. DemoN

    DemoN Chapter Leader

    Did you make it out to Biff's last friday? lets hear your review.
  2. Adjusted

    Adjusted Super Moderator

    Yeah I got there around 7:15 and was wayyy too late since I needed to get the truck washed and myself ready to go out for the night. There was little parking left but I think if I would've gotten there around 6:30 I woulda been set. There wasn't much in the way of modern trucks, I was the only lowered modern-gen truck in attendance. There was a large muscle and classic car crown there, everything from stock restos, gassers, rat rods, etc. There was a small crowd of tuners, modern day domestic muscle, bikes, stanceswagkids, and then....me. my truck was well received though, most really dug the steelies and the tubbed bed. Need to bring a chair and some beer next time, it was hot. Biffs had a decent burger, and it was $5 off with my receipt from the car show (also $5). Good times, will go again, didnt snap any pics this time, just enjoyed the show.
  3. THE Mook

    THE Mook Well-Known Member

    I know a lot of people tend to not like the idea of a $5 cover. I get it, and dig it. Totally makes sense, and I tell you what, THAT IS A TASTY BURGER! I went down to SA for the TBSS Southern Fallout back in 2009 I think. Flew DemoN up to drive down with me from Colorado...then raced him at SAR when he still had the 01 Silvy. Biff's was a place I hit the first time I went to SA, but I flew. I promised myself if I ever drove down, Biff's was a destination!
  4. fortplainman

    fortplainman official CGM slut

    hey shit its mook glad do have you over here.

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