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Discussion in 'Vendor Inquiry' started by TheBrettster, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. TheBrettster

    TheBrettster Administrator Staff Member

    The process in becoming a vendor is very simple, BUT unlike every other forum we care about our members and insure our members will not be ripped off.

    Vendor Features:

    -Vendor Tag with associated color
    -Personal Sub forum
    -Increased Mailbox capacity
    -Open advertising on the site
    -Banner will be placed on the sponsorship page

    If you would like to proceed please fill out the following application and PM it TheBrettster or email it to brett@customgm.com


    Business Name:
    Type of product being sold:
    Proof of license to do business (DBA,License Number, Tax ID):
    Phone Number:
    BBB Rating/Link (if applicable):

    PM or e-mail for current pricing
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