For Sale: Snap On/ Mac Tools, Adams Stuff, and more

Discussion in 'General For Sale (Non-Automotive Stuff)' started by truckin1081, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. truckin1081

    truckin1081 Member

    Items are located in Guymon, OK. Will ship at buyers expense. Need the cash to start a new project, so help me out!

    Adams Gallons - The only thing that I have left is the tire shine $40 + shipping. It is new and never used.
    20170910_144037.jpg Under Carriage Spray - $10 + Shipping
    Buttery Wax - $12 + Shipping
    Detail Spray - $10/each + shipping. Blue label is Apple Pie Scent
    Super VRT - $15ea + Shipping
    H2O Guard & Gloss - $15 each + Shipping

    They are all new an unused and I do have the spray nozzles for the ones that take one. 20170910_144306.jpg

    Green Snap on 3/8" 18V impact. Had it freshly rebuilt and haven't used it since. Comes with charger and 2 batteries. One has been charged 82 time and one 84 times. Both hold full charge and last like new. I think I also have a carry case somewhere I'll include. $375 + Shipping
    20170912_165019.jpg 20170912_164617.jpg

    Snap-On 3/8" Air ratchet. Bought it used and have yet to use it. $100 + Shipping

    Snap-On 1/4" air ratchet. Like new condition. Bought an electric so I never use this one. 20170912_165116.jpg 20170912_165121.jpg

    3/8" MAC Air Impact. Needs new retaining ring. $20 + Shipping 20170912_165152.jpg

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  2. truckin1081

    truckin1081 Member

    MAC 1/2" Air Impact. Needs retaining ring. $40 + Shipping

    Butterfly Impact. $20 + Shipping

    Snap-On 1/2" Shallow Socket Set. From 3/8" - 1 1/8" $150 + Shipping
    20170912_171943.jpg 20170912_171955.jpg 20170912_172015.jpg

    Bag-O-Bumps - $10 + Shipping

    NBS tow hooks - $15 + Shipping

    CLC Tool back pack. In great shape just has some sheetrock dust on it. $50 + Shipping

    2 full sets (24each) of Full Size GM Lugnuts with threads on outside - $20 Each Set + Shipping

    20170912_165722.jpg 20170912_165558.jpg
  3. truckin1081

    truckin1081 Member

    Need this stuff gone! Make me an offer and lets make a deal.
  4. Chewy07

    Chewy07 Wookie on the Beat

    interested in the gallon of tire shine and detail sprays. I'm in state as well.

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