Ram replacement...2003 Duramax

Discussion in 'Photos' started by DirtyBlackHoe, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. DirtyBlackHoe

    DirtyBlackHoe Bun B, Baracca, Beezer

    Well I finally got 95% of my parts installed. I still have to debadge, do bedrail caps, black toolbox, and then decide on what I am going to do. I have fender flares, rear handle, and tow mirrors sanded and smoothed and waiting for paint. I also had to install a reman transfer case because mine was fucked. Truck drives so much better and looks a ton better IMO. Slowly but surely it will get finished up or sold (who knows haha).

    I will get better pictures once I get the truck home. One of my steering lines was leaking when I picked it up, so I ordered new ones and they should be in and installed this week


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