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Discussion in 'Under Construction' started by sc0tt, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. sc0tt

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    Got bored with my 04 found a decent deal on this 08 2500hd 4x4 with the 6L. Was used as a work truck so needs lots of cleanup and some cosmetic repair. Body is very straight minus some rust starting in the usual spots.


    Hvac is stuck on defrost, turning the selector doesn't do anything. Is there anything typical to cause this? Are the blend door actuators an issue like they are in nbs trucks?

    D/s ext cab window doesn't roll down or up but the switch is working. Going to test the motor itself.

    Removed the pin stripe and silhouettes of the previous company logo today and spent a few hours detailing the interior. Cleaned the contacts in the master window switch.

    To do:
    -Remove service bed
    -Repair rust starting on doors
    -Remove door moulding
    -LML 20s and 2" adapters
    -5000k hid lows
    -Clear or CM the headlight reflectors
    -Chrome mirror caps and handles/ or CM haven't decided yet
    -Intake and tune
    -Still deciding on exhaust
    -Want to do something with the grille but I'm not sure what

    Will try and get some photos after a good wash and exterior detail
  2. sc0tt

    sc0tt Member


    Pinstripe, door moulding and fender trim removed. Installed air raid intake and a handheld tune. Crazy how much more power this truck has than my 2004 6L truck did.

    Replaced mode door actuator and it didn't fix the hvac selector issue. I've read about the possibility of the wires going to the actuator rubbing against the dash somewhere but can't find much more info than that. Does anyone know where to look before I start pulling the dash apart? Otherwise my next idea is to try another hvac control unit.

    Also pulled the rear door panel off, window motor tests fine and I have good continuity between all window wires from switch connector to wiring inside trucks door sill. One thing I've found is the +power wire into the switch is nowhere near 12v.

    Waiting to find a decent deal on some new-used tires for my LMLs before I put them on and crank the torsion bars.

    Needs exhaust but I'm still not decided on what. Probably just a new muffler and turn down tip right after or dumped over the axle. I want to stay away from magnaflow or flowmaster this time around... without spending a fortune
  3. BigBlue02HD

    BigBlue02HD Well-Known Member

    Nice job so far.... :thumbsup:

    I enjoy taking something that's been "neglected" somewhat and bringing it back.
  4. sc0tt

    sc0tt Member

    Been a while since I've updated this too. Has 15+ style tows on it now as well as a bunch of new rust starting on both bedsides:bullshit:

    Threw some shorty headers on it and removed all the broken bolts stuck in the heads. Flowmaster 40 delta flow and axle dump.

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