New '00 Silverado, looking for some help

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by Norsk33, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Norsk33

    Norsk33 New Member

    First off, thanks for any of the advice anyone can offer. Totally new to the forum after looking around for a few days, and I don't completely understand all the lingo yet, but I hope to get there.

    So long story short, my wife flipped her car a few times, totaled it, and she gets my old vehicle and I picked up a new set of wheels less than a week ago. I got a 2000 Silverado, white, 4.8L V8 ext cab, and I want to make it my baby. Funds are tight because I just got out of the military and started a new job while also looking to buy a house, but I have a list of stuff I'd like to do to the truck to make it mine and I'm in the process of pricing out parts for future purchase. Please bear with me, because I'm none too auto savvy.

    What I'm looking to do and have questions on:

    1. Currently the truck has stock chrome fender flares, and I'm not a chrome guy. Looked up some regular non-painted flares to buy (to be color matched later), but they look bigger than the chrome ones already on the truck. How easy is is to swap them out? Would I need to look at getting new fenders entirely?

    2. Wanting to do a lift to get away from the stock ride height. I've seen what the rough country 4" kit looks like and I dig it, but I've got very little knowledge on lifting trucks. I'm not trying to get too much of a lift beyond 4" because my back is eff'd from being blown up one too many times, and stepping high causes some pain (which I'd like to avoid doing on a daily basis). I don't have access to much by way of tools, so whatever I get I'll end up getting installed at a shop. Anything special I need to do with the lift to not throw things out of whack on the truck in the long run?

    3. I'm wanting to throw some 33's on when things are said and done with the lift. Will I run into any issues with needing to re-gear, or adjust the speedo? Also looking to keep a wider stance which the tires coming out an inch or two from the flares. Would my best bet be to use spacers, or just get wheels with an offset?

    Thanks for all the tips/help. I'm a shameful noob at this juncture, so being pointed in the right direction is very appreciated.
  2. Brandon Mayfield-Williams

    Brandon Mayfield-Williams 00 ECSB Z71 owner

    [​IMG] welcome i am active, & i too have a 00 Silverado ext cab(5.3 tho). Get built trans before anything!!! But yes, a 4 inch Rough Country n 33s should suffice, shouldn't be too high. Also, get neg. offset rims instead of spacers. But if you do get spacers, get hub centric spacers. Also, if you get 07-13 cv shafts n leveling torsion keys(paired with cognito uca's to help angles more) you should also clear 33s no issues. Depending what offset u may have to trim valence. I currently have leveling keys if you are interested. But welcome, & can't wait to see what you do to your truck...

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  3. slicksierra

    slicksierra Feel some type of way

    Never heard of using the 07-13 cvs on there what's the advantage to that?

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  4. Brandon Mayfield-Williams

    Brandon Mayfield-Williams 00 ECSB Z71 owner

    Longer shafts

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