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    Some of you may know, but I traded in my ‘05 and I have some leftover parts that I need to get out of my garage.

    Upper and Lower leather replacement covers and seat bottom foam - The Seat Shop. I bought these direct from The Seat Shop to completely re-do my drivers seat but never got around to it. I would like to sell as a complete set, in brand new condition.

    Medium Dark Pewter (light gray) OEM Vinyl/Leather

    Would like to sell locally and as a set. Can ship at your expense.


    Brand new in the box Trex Billet Grille - Part 21100

    Never opened, had planned to install but traded the truck prior. Can ship at your expense.


    Blackbear Performance AutoCal.

    Used once to tune my truck prior to trade in. Nearly new condition in the box. Can ship at your expense.


    Help me get my garage back and fund the mods for the new ‘18.

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  2. FreeWilly!

    FreeWilly! Member


    $275 for The Seat Shop kit.
  3. FreeWilly!

    FreeWilly! Member

    Bump! Someone has to want to refurb their NBS Drivers Seat!
  4. DirtyBlackHoe

    DirtyBlackHoe Bun B, Baracca, Beezer

    Bump...I bought the lower foam and seat bottom replacement. Awesome service, great communication. A+ seller

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