Lifted VS Lowered CV Angle Discussion

Discussion in 'Lifting Tech' started by DeanH1290, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Both sides are rubbing I'm thinking the wheel is hitting?
    Causing rattling noice.

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  2. SamCarroll

    SamCarroll Faux Runner Staff Member

    Looks like you have too much offset if your rubbing on your UCAs
  3. Dave

    Dave New Member

    How can the offset be adjusted? Adjusting the alignment?
  4. Tylers88

    Tylers88 3 GM's and a Jeep

    That for sure looks like wheels rubbing, he’s talking wheel offset. You could get some 1/4” slip on spacers if you have room between the tire and fender
  5. Oktain

    Oktain Canuck Admin Staff Member

    That would only cause rubbing noises, and probably only rubs at full lock when you're turning in parking lots and such. Look elsewhere for your rattle. Again, as I've mentioned on your other posts regarding the issue, if you're running the ball joints that came with the DJM arms, you need to change those now. They're junk. They last long enough so they're out of the 90 day warranty and that's it. Use an OEM ball joint for your truck.

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