HP Tuners Vs. EFI Live

Discussion in 'Tuning' started by Jared, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Jared

    Jared Administrator Staff Member

    I plan to. But I also covered part of that in the original post.
  2. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    Good deal, good luck man and much excite to see results of jared tuner
  3. bgray

    bgray Stylish Canadian

    I have efi live. Personally, I dont have the time to do my own tunes. I use LSX power Tuning out of College Station. Lorenz is awesome, and leaps and bounds better experience then I had with blackbear(who we did probably 8-10 gms with). He does all the dirty work, I make small changes ehre and there, minor things, and im good to go.

    Really come down to what tuner your going to use, and what they use.
  4. Samuel6731

    Samuel6731 Cant Get Right

    They spend hours and hours tuning their own vehicle. I learned by hands on/reading sure, but how it one to learn if they dont actually try it? Reading and knowing the "safe" parameters of what your tuning is key. I would never suggest a beginner to go out and push and try to get an all effort tune. Instead you tweak and adjust in small increments and datalog to see exactly what has changed. No matter what hes a beginner im a beginner at tuner, we must use what we have to "learn" on but must first know that you cant just open up a spark table and add 100* to it.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2014
  5. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    I understand that but, getting hands on and learning from somebody else watching them tune and tweak tables, them letting you get some action while they watch over you can help you a lot, i didnt say you couldnt do all on your own, I would just rather be safe than sorry imo
  6. barrrf

    barrrf Well-Known Member

    Fuck the classes. Read the forums. Ask the questions. Log, tune, log some more, post log tables for others to scrutinize. Learn who is who on the forums (just like these forums).

    It seems like its a LOT more overwhelming then it really is.

    Tuning knarly cams, boosted cars, and lean cruise is a whole different game though.

    Im too scared to lean tune.

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