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Discussion in 'Under Construction' started by Ginger, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Ginger

    Ginger Bubbles

    Well, the day has come where i am no longer daily driving a GM product.

    I about a month ago i got a 2016 Dodge 2500HD CCSB 4x4 SLT. it has the 5.7 hemi. I daily drive only 1/4 mile to work, so i diesel would hate me. Had 43k on it when i got it.

    So far current mods are

    • Pioneer Double Din Headunit
    • LED Low, High, reverse, and plate bulbs
    • 25% tint on the front roll-ups
    • weathertech mats
    Plans in the near future

    • remote start
    • cooper STT MAXX tires
    • Tow Mirrors
    • tail gate shock
    • Bedliner
    • Retrofitted headlights
    Otherwise it seem to be a great truck.

    Any other suggestions feel free since i dont know a ton about them.

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  2. Tiki

    Tiki Well-Known Member

    GMFS treatment stat!
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  3. Ginger

    Ginger Bubbles

    right now im kinda just enjoying it lol. i prolly wont do much till spring on it.

    Im not sure what badges i would want to pull off, i like the chrome door pulls as they are just the handle the rest of the assembly is color matched.

    This thing sits pretty high so the running boards may hang around for a bit. Its taller than my lifted NBS lol
  4. slicksierra

    slicksierra Feel some type of way

    NFabs or amps for the steps! Truck looks good in person!

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  5. Ginger

    Ginger Bubbles

    Yea eventually i will do it. current goal is to get the things i really want done, and then pay it off. Im hoping to have it paid off in less then 2 years.
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