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Discussion in 'General For Sale (Non-Automotive Stuff)' started by Jared, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Jared

    Jared Administrator Staff Member

    • No minimum post until things are abused!
    • Do NOT reply to a FS/FT thread unless interested, don't like the price, find the product elsewhere!
    • You MUST post an asking price
    • You MUST post a location (City, State), price, and actual pictures of what you are selling (yes, even if it is something we've all seen before!). Do not start a thread if you do not have pictures to go along with your items at the time of posting.
    • Your thread will NOT be visible until a moderator verifies that you included the above requirements.
    • Once item/items are sold, notify a mod or admin to lock the thread
    • All subsequent posts should be pertinent to the sale of the item or expressing interest in the item. Please refrain from commenting on how nice the item is.
  2. Smith

    Smith Super Moderator Staff Member

    Was going to put this in the other post you made but it was locked...

    Make a for sale standard way to post in the sticky, like a template that everyone needs to follow. If they don't then post the template up in their thread so they will follow it. I know you've said what to include a million times but having a standard template to follow might make it more uniform and easier for people to follow..for example..

    Item description:
    Own personal picture of item:
    Contact information:

    And then anything else you can think to add. By no means telling you how to do things, just offering suggestions, think y'all are doing a good job over here :shake:
  3. Jared

    Jared Administrator Staff Member

    And not just a state, relative city!
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